March 2008
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“Dry Town” by Miranda Lambert

Miranda Lambert-DryTown

So, you’ll never guess what I did the very next day after SXSW. Oh yes, I went to a concert. Miranda Lambert at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. I know what you’re thinking, but yes, I do like pop country. Besides, Miranda can rock. She does more head banging than anyone I’ve ever […]

“Rich Girls” by The Virgins

This was the last band I saw at SXSW. The very end of two 18 hour days of underground rock band performances. As my back-up to not getting in to see British Sea Power, these guys were great. I didn’t understand the crowd though. I think I was missing something. It was at the same […]

“Life After Love” by Low vs Diamond

Sorry, no video on this one. Don’t worry I didn’t leave ya hangin.’ Click below and listen to “Life After Love.” I added a widget. A what? Like I said, I’m new at this. I think this is my new favorite band. I’ll get a video up ASAP, I promise.

For their set at SXSW […]

"Broken" by Tift Merritt

Back at The Parish in Austin I saw Tift Merritt perform new tracks from Another Country released February 26th. The last time I saw her was at Warehouse Live in Houston opening for Nickel Creek on their ‘Farewell For Now Tour.’

“Foundations” by Kate Nash

She was a special guest at SXSW. I love her. She was great! Take a look at my facebook and you’ll see pictures. I was so close I saw her bitten fingernails with chipping nail polish. Henry sang along so loudly that I could hear him from across the stage where he sat. I […]

"You’re A Wolfe" by Sea Wolf

The Sea Wolf is a book written by Jack London. And, it’s the name used by Alex Church, the only member of the…well, I guess you don’t call it a band then do you? He selects different musicians to accompany him when he tours.

"Miniature Birds" by The Grand Archives

Ok, I wasn’t going to post any bootlegs but this is a show I was at. The Grand Archives from Seattle. Frontman, Mat Brooke, is the former guitarist for Band of Horses. I guess you can’t really make out the words from this video. Oh well, deal with it. It’s […]

"Till the End of Time" by DeVotchKa

They’ve got new stuff since the Little Miss Sunshine Soundtrack but my blog is new and I didn’t get a chance to advertise this one.

"Second Chance" by Liam Finn

Here’s one off Liam Finn’s debut solo album, I’ll Be Lightning. He’s awesome live. Very good at improvising…looping and making up songs on the spot.

"TV" by Headlights

An indie rock band from Illinois. Looking at their MySpace it seems that they like to release LPs, and EPs. Ok, there’s a CD releasing on ituens, Some Racing, Some Stopping. I’m not familiar with the group so I’ll have to check it out. From what I saw they were good, […]