December 2008
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Monday Night at Warehouse Live

I had to pick myself up off the floor after falling when my sister agreed to go to a concert with me. I can’t remember the last concert she went to. She can probably count them on one hand. So, while the night was routine for me, it was a much bigger deal for her. […]

And now...the moment's we're all still waiting for....

The Grammy nominations for recordings from October 1, 2007 through September 30, 2008 are now available.

I will comment only on the ones I care about. And I will tell you who I want to win, not that it means I think they will win. So, here goes…

Album of the Year-

No surprise here. I have to […]

“Fire and Rain” by Vienna Teng

Check out Vienna Teng’s cover of James Taylor’s “Fire and Rain.” So lovely. This video is old, but I just found it. Her major-label debut came in 2006 and was titled Dreaming Through the Noise. Now she is back in the studio working on her fourth album so be sure to keep an […]

“Everything is Borrowed” by The Streets

“Everything is Borrowed” by The Streets was NPR’s song of the day for December 4, 2008. It reminds me of Matt Kearny only it’s better because of Mike Skinner’s English accent.

By the way, is anyone else hating the search bar added to the top of the embedded YouTubes? Fellow bloggers will understand. I […]

"Stuck To You" by Nikka Costa

Here’s a new one from Nikka Costa. “Stuck To You” is off her October 14, 2008 Pebble To Pearl album.

And to bring back an old one, here’s her 2001 “Push & Pull.” This song was featured on the soundtrack to the movie BLOW. I loved the movie and the soundtrack […]

“Full Moon” by The Black Ghosts

The soundtrack to the Major Motion Picture based on the # 1 New York Times Bestseller, Twilight, contains a song called “Full Moon” by The Black Ghosts. The UK duo has had a series of singles followed by their self-titled debut available since July 8, 2008. They also made an appearance at SXSW last March. […]

"Goodnight" by La Rocca

And…still waiting on some more videos from these guys. Are they ever going to make a video for “Non-Believer”?

“Song We Sang Away” by Low vs. Diamond

Here’s one from Low vs. Diamond. Still a live performance but better than most live footage. I’m waiting on the next vidoe guys, but I will be patient. I know you need time to redeem yourselves from the last one!