August 2009
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“Moon and Moon” by Bat For Lashes

I previously posted Bat For Lashes’ (aka Natasha Khan) single, “David.” Now I would like to share her debut performance, and recent NPR feature, of “Moon and Moon” on The Culture Show. Natasha’s new album Two Suns was released April 6, 2009.

“Eet” by Regina Spektor

I posted the lead single from Regina’s new album, Far, a few weeks ago. After having listened to the enitre album several times I wanted to share this lovely tune as well.

“Paralyzed” by Starlight Mints

I haven’t posted this yet! What’s the matter with me? You would think, my being obsessed with Barsuk bands, I would have gotten around to posting this amazing song! Thanks to The Phill(er), you may have a listen to “Paralyzed” from the 4th album, Change Remains, by the indie pop group, Starlight […]

“Countersign” by The Bats

The Guilty Office, the latest by New Zealand rock band, The Bats, was released back in December. Still, nothing but a bad mash up of “The Orchard” can be found on YouTube. So, I have found a stream from The Wheel’s Still Spin.

“Countersign” by The Bats

“Security by Design” by Liechtenstein

Last month I downloaded the free Insound mix tape. It included a song called “Roses in the Park” by the Sweedish group, Liechtenstein. This song can be found on their latest album, Survival Strategies In A Modern World. The YouTube below, however, is a B-side song off their debut 7″, Apathy. […]