May 2010
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“Compass” by Jamie Lidell

Compass, the new album from Jamie Lidell, will be released on Warp Records on May 18, 2010. I picked up a pre-release at Cactus on Record Store Day last month.

As soon as he’s finished galavanting through Zurich, Paris, and wherever else his 2010 tour takes him, he will be back in the […]

“This Is What You’re Like” by Sarah Kirkland Sinder and Shara Worden

Sarah Kirkland Snider’s debut album Penelope, features vocalist Shara Worden. Worden is known for her work as singer/songwriter for the indie-rock band My Brightest Diamond and for vocals with Sufjan Stevens and The Decemberists.

Snider’s compositions are inspired by The Odyssey—the journey of two individuals both finding their way back into each other’s lives and […]

OMNI by Minus the Bear

Minus the Bear’s new full-length album OMNI is available today on Dangerbird Records.

They will be playing the Houston, TX House of Blues next Friday, May 14th. Click here to find them on tour in your area.

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“My Time” by Minus the Bear

Raven: the story of Mad Love by Marcone

Marcone, hailing from Burlington, Ontario, has released an album titled Raven: the story of Mad Love. In three episodes it captures his “adventure with love, luck, and lies.”

Episode descriptions taken from Marcone’s MySpace page:

Episode 1 is the reason, the realization, the cause and the effect. It’s the catalyst that creates the […]

Phoenix at Verizon Wireless in Houston, Texas


1. Lisztomania
2. Long Distance Call
3. Lasso
4. Concolation Prizes
5. Fences
6. Girlfriend
7. Armistice
8. Love Like a Sunset Part I
9. Love Like a Sunset Part II
10. Run Run Run
11. Napoleon Too
12. Rome
13. Funky Squaredance


14. Love For Granted
15. Playground (Air cover)
16. If I Feel Better
17. 1901

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“If I Ever Feel Better” by Phoenix

And Two […]