March 2012
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“Providence” by Tracee Perrin

Los Angeles native, Tracee Perrin has released her Debut EP Providence. The EP was tracked and produced by Daniel Dempsey (Rod Stewart, Chris Duran) and mastered by Mark Chalecki (veteran of Capitol Records). Perrin’s skills as a songwriter shine with embraced emotions and unabashed sentiment.

The title track is about escaping what binds […]

"The Sound of Silence" and "Little Balloon" by Jenny & Tyler

In 2010, husband-wife duo Jenny & Tyler released their third record Faint Not. For a limited time, you may download (via NoiseTrade) all of Faint Not plus three acoustic versions of brand new songs – in anticipation of their new full-length release Open Your Doors.

New album coming April 3!

Along with the release of their new […]

“Lonely Man” by Alpha Rev

Alpha Rev formed in 2005, when lead singer Casey McPherson’s former group Endochine disbanded. They released a self-titled EP in 2006 and a full-length in 2007 titled, The Greatest Thing I’ve Ever Learned.

Their newest effort, New Morning, hit stores about a year ago (April 2011). I saw these guys at SXSW in […]

“Drive By” by Train

I’ve loved them from the beginning – fifteen years and counting – and I finally took my opportunity to see Train live. Houston knows how to do it right. They’ll never make rodeo tickets too expensive, to the point where their own Houstonians don’t want to come out and enjoy the show. […]

“All These Eyes” by Joshua Ketchmark

The narrative songwriter from outside Peoria, Illinois, Joshua Ketchmark, relocated to Nashville eight years ago and has been writing and playing live ever since. He is releasing 3 EP’s this year and “All These Eyes” is the first single from the first release The Bittersweet.

Follow Joshua via M T Press on SoundCloud […]

“Someone Like You” by Matt Wertz

The Limited Edition Weights & Wings vinyl was released in January!

Half of the songs are filed under the “weights” catagory; heavier songs dealing with harder stuff, and the other half are “wings;” lighter, more transcendent ‘FUN’ songs. All the “weights” songs are on one side of the record, and all the “wings” on the […]

“Will You Love Me” by The Vespers

The Vespers‘ New record drops April 3rd.

If you haven’t heard about their Podcast, The Reason and Rhyme show, you may check that out on iTunes and subscribe to the archive. They host a talk radio show each week with special guests every Wednesday at 3:30 CST. The show is also livestream’d here. […]

“Let’s Forget All the Things That We Say” by Julia Stone

Julia’s new track “Let’s Forget All The Things That We Say” is available on iTunes today as part of a 4 track EP. You can find it here.

The EP features:

1. Let’s Forget All The Things That We Say

2. Tell Her a Story

3. Take Me Home

4. The S**t That They’re Feeding You

You may view […]

“Primitive Girl” by M. Ward

The first single from A Wasteland Companion is available now on iTunes!

“Primitive Girl” features M. Ward on vocal, piano and guitar, John Parish on percussion/marimba, Mike Mogis on organ, and Susan Sanchez providing backing vocals.

You can check out the full stream HERE and buy the track HERE.

A Wasteland Companion is out April 6 in […]