April 2013
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“Can’t Love Me” by Alisa Boniello

Singer-Songwriter, Alisa Boniello, co-wrote her single, “Can’t Love Me,” with noted songwriter and producer Ron Haney (Alicia Keys, Drake). The song chronicles a relationship that goes south. Boniello and Haney have been busy writing and recording several songs for a potential EP release later in 2013.

Boniello, who was raised in the town of […]

“Never Want To Go Home” by Casey Turner

Armed with his Ukulele, Casey Turner offers an uplifting sense of calm and relaxation into this chaotic world. Built on a steady beach vibe, his debut LP, No Stress Express, invites its audience to put their feet in the warm sand of the pop music landscape and take a moment to allow their worries to […]

“DayDreaming” by Abi Ann

Los Angeles, CA Singer-songwriter, Abi Ann, recently released her single “DayDreaming” on iTunes.

Hailing from Midland, TX, Ann’s musical journey started 15 years ago in a family connected by the common love for music. When Ann was just a toddler her mother would often play The Beatles instrumentals for her until she fell asleep. Ann aspires […]

“King of Nothing” by Bob Pressner

Hailing from White Plains, NY, musician-at-heart, Bob Pressner, breathes raw emotion and honesty into his new album King of Nothing. Bob touches on subjects like love, spirituality and retrospection with relatable lyrics and a velvety tone.

Refining his skills since the age of 15, even studying with the famed 1950’s beat poet Allen Ginsberg, Pressner took […]

“Waking Hours” by Goodman

Michael Goodman is a musician/multi-instrumentalist based in NYC-via-Providence-via-NYC again. His music recalls the chord progressions of the radio hits of the ’50s and ’60s and long-forgotten power-pop bands of the late ’70s.

“Night Person” kicks us off in a fitful burst of hooks, but hints at the meditative melancholy that permeates the new record, What […]