August 2013
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"Tuolumne" by Incan Abraham

Any worthwhile journey will lead you to unexpected yet remarkably vibrant places. While Tuolumne, California (pron. To-All-O-Me) is a rich and historical locale in its own right, Incan Abraham‘s “TUOLUMNE” isn’t a point on a map, but rather a symbolic meeting place for many of the sounds and themes they dug up this year.

To […]

“Mexico” by Hana Kim

Soulful pop/rock artist Hana Kim will release her new album, Exodo, on September 13, 2013. She is currently offering up the first single off of the album, “Mexico.” The single provides somewhat of an exotic and dangerous feel. Infused with old school flavor, Kim’s soulful voice glides effortlessly over the beat provided […]

“You’re Killing Me” by Cable Car

A fusion of pop, R&B and rock, Cable Car offers music oozing with passion. Most of their music describes the dark side of being in love. The band gracefully delivers a musical jambalaya of all of the most popular sounds of the last couple decades, while adding a current mainstream twist and their […]

“Let’s Go All the Way” by The Wondergirls

The Wondergirls is a supergroup comprised of actor and songwriter Ashley Hamilton (vocals), Jay Gordon (Orgy), Chris Lloyd (VP/ A&R executive at Flip Records), and Doug Ardito (Guitarist of Puddle of Mudd). They’ve recently signed to Across The Universe Records, with an expectant EP out soon.

“Let’s Go All the Way” features […]

“Contamination” by Adam Marsland

The Owl and the Full Moon is the latest from Los Angeles, California-based singer-songwriter and producer, Adam Marsland. It offers ten emotionally revealing pop and soul tunes, the offspring of Marsland’s fertile but fatigued creative mind. The album has begun to reveal itslef as the best and most focused work of Marsland’s career. […]