May 2014
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Karen Ogden on Curtis Fields: The Smartphone Guitarist

Guest Contributor: Karen Ogden. Ms. Ogden is a recent college graduate with a degree in journalism. In pursuit of her goal of working for an established lifestyle or culture magazine, she writes on topics related to music, film, and pop culture.


In this day and age, we’ve all grown used to the idea […]

“Slow Motion (live)” by PHOX

PHOX is a six-piece indie pop band from Baraboo, Wisconsin. Their self-titled debut LP will be released on June 24, 2014.

The band formed when Zach Johnston began writing songs while living in San Francisco. He worked with singer Monica Martin to get the band together while playing a series of shows around Madison.

The band […]

“Get Back Up and Walk” by The Boston Boys

Roots band, The Boston Boys released a new EP this Tuesday, May 20 entitled Idea of Love.

As its name suggests, the group was formed in Boston. Currently all band members live in Brooklyn, NY and they play all around the world. In only two years, they have performed in over a dozen countries throughout […]

“When Death Should Find Us” by EdTang & The Chops

A self-titled EP was just released last Friday, May 16th by MusicArtiste veterans EdTang & The Chops.

Tang is an American songwriter with an old soul. A raspy voiced crooner with punk rock influences and rockabilly-folk tendencies. He is a product of the thriving original music scene of Asbury Park, New Jersey.

Starting EdTangMusic in 2009 […]

“I Won’t Follow” by Secret Someones

Lelia Broussard started a band with her best friends called Secret Someones. The band is Bess Rogers, Hannah Winkler, Zach Jones and Ms. Broussard herself. This project was born out of the four members touring together as solo artists. They ended up having so much fun making music together, they just didn’t […]

“Tuesday Morning” by Tijuana Love

The house-fusion pioneers of Tijuana Love are proud to announce the world premiere of their video for the Latin funk single, “Tuesday Morning.”

“Skilled in the art of fusing disco and electronica with Latin island funk. Their often campy style and unassuming lyrics make for a playful listen, softening the methodical sound of western EDM […]

“West Coast (Lana Del Rey cover)” by Hana Kim

From her recent album, Exodo, L.A. gem Hana Kim will soon announce her single, “Heaven Sees Me.” To tide us over until then, Kim has released her newest cover of Lana Del Rey’s “West Coast.”

[Audio clip: view full post to listen]
“West Coast (Lana Del Rey cover)” by Hana Kim

Image courtesy of Kim’s facebook […]

“Cold” by Wetwood Smokes

Stepbrothers Josh Bowman & Steven Howard and childhood friend Chrystian Cano make up the trio Wetwood Smokes.

The instruments they bought into their initial gigging flurry of fashionable LA music circles were the same ones used in the recording of their debut album Earth Tones & Red. The album’s name was, in fact, derived from the […]

“Concorde” by Incan Abraham

A couple weeks back, creative collaborator Danny Franzese (known for playing the legendary Damian in 2004’s Mean Girls) let Teddy, Spence, Giuls and Andrew of Incan Abraham strap a GoPro camera to his head, as they set off on a maniacal day-long adventure around the greater Los Angeles-area.

Set to the Incan Abraham track “Concorde,” the […]

“Found You” by Carrie Lane

Singer-songwriter, Carrie Lane, is currently writing and recording new material for her freshman album, set to be released this year.

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“Found You” by Carrie Lane

Lane says of her writing experience, “My favorite thing to write about is the world through my eyes. Nobody views the world through the same […]