July 2014
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“The Letter” by Keeton Coffman

Visit Youtube to view the official video for “The Letter” from Keeton Coffman’s forthcoming EP The Ghost.

Coffman’s friends Jack, Jackson, and Dietrich Potts (Father and sons) helped him shoot it. That’s Dietrich in the truck. They shot the video in Spring, Texas at John’s land — another one of Coffman’s friends. John […]

“Tunnels” by Hearts of Oak

Portland, Oregon-based shoegazer country act Hearts of Oak are celebrating the release of their third, and first nationally-distributed full-length New England (Deer Lodge Records).

Fronted by singer-songwriter Nate Wallace, Hearts of Oak has been referred to as “a singer-songwriter with a druggy, psychedelic backing band.” Engineered and produced by Ezra Meredith, the band’s guitarist, […]

“Peace” by Western Education

Los Angeles, CA’s Western Education have debuted their first full-length album, Let Your Secrets Out, along with the new single, “Peace.” Formed on the UMass Lowell college campus, the band was established by keyboard and lead-vocal member Greg Alexandropoulos as he spread flyers throughout the campus in search of like-minded artists.

Western Education […]

"Pretty Girls" by Eric Frisch

NYC artist Eric Frisch has recently released his first self-produced full-length album entitled Goodbye Birdcage. The album merges modern indie pop with 50’s and 60’s pop to create it’s own unique sound.

A throwback to 50s and 60s pop productions, Frisch created an album that was true to his biggest influences like the Beatles and […]

“Bloom” by The Morning Birds

The new EP from LA’s The Morning Birds is a collaborative concept album titled BLOOM (via Funky Island House Records). The album contains one original song and five remixes by diverse DJ’s from around the globe, designed to reflect the seasons of the year. The DJ’s are Dimond Saints, Alex Zelenka/Invisibles, Knife & Fork, […]

“Neptune’s Grave” by The Hydrothermal Vents

John Tielli (vocals, guitar, midi programming) and Tessa Kautzman (vocals, bass), the charismatic Montreal duo known as The Hydrothermal Vents, boil with a chemistry that pulls listeners deep into their imaginative world. Both members have extensive personal music history, from a mutual love for the Pixies to North American tours and solo collaborations with […]