November 2014
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“Veronica” by Postcards From Jeff

Melodic explorer, Postcards From Jeff recently released the single “Veronica.” Musically, Postcards From Jeff seamlessly blends together far flung folk, electronica, country, krautrock and pop owing as much of a debt to Weilheim band The Notwist as to Ohio’s The National or even as far as Canada by taking inspiration from Neil Young. […]

“New Born” by Sounds Of Sputnik featuring Ummagma

Sounds of Sputnik is the brainchild of Roman Kalitkin, whose signature sound mixes post-rock, shoegaze and dream pop with a slight kickback to noise pop. New Born is Sounds of Sputnik’s debut album — an extraordinary effort demonstrating an impeccable ability to blend genres, complete with layered harmonies, interlacing synth and distorted guitars. […]

“Clearly and Consciously” by Thorn1

Almost 20 years ago, Thorn1 signed to Silber Records as the label’s first signee. According to folks at Silber, the music is top-notch and embraces all the things they love like drone-pop, ambient, and lo-fi.

Hailing from Barnaul in Siberia, Thorn1 is Evgeny Zheyda. Recorded on a handheld voice recorder, acoustic guitars are […]

“Road Less Traveled” by Great Spirit

Great Spirit is a unique culmination of a wide-variety of musical influences, from The Flaming Lips to Tony Rice and beyond. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Great Spirit combines poetic lyricism with equal parts folk-rock, bluegrass and funk. Their debut album Front Porch to Frontier (out January 13, 2015) combines tasteful blends […]

“Foreign Lands” by First You Get The Sugar

Montreal-based First You Get The Sugar has released its third effort, a brand new EP called Foreign Lands. Visit Soundcloud and Bandcamp to download/stream for FREE.

A prominent thematic thread can be found in the way the five tracks unfold on the new record: alienation, confusion, and a struggle with the dark unknown. However, it’s […]

“Either Way” by Boy + Kite

On October 21, Boy + Kite released their newest EP, Blueprint. You may stream the album via SoundCloud.

Boy + Kite has opened up for acts such as Ume, An Horse, Quiet Company and The Toadies, as well as played at SXSW 2012 and the Center of the Universe Festival in Toronto, CA […]

"The Kids Are Alright" by WALLA

Los Angeles pop-rock band, WALLA, is crafting catchy and danceable music with their new single, “The Kids Are Alright.” The song also showcases an important message to today’s youth — that a silver lining is present in everything in life.

Directed by Myles Lumb and Jonty Fine, the video portrays several different situations in which […]

“Underneath You” by Craymer

Indie synth group, Craymer, has unveiled their EP Disordered Love featuring the single, “Underneath You.” Fronted by singer Jordan Lake, Craymer is emerging from the Seattle underground scene.

“Underneath You” showcases an ambient storyline in this modern day love song, regarding insecurities in new relationships that ultimately give way to blazing romances. Written out of a […]