December 2014
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“Black Coffee” by Lachlan Bryan and The Wildes

Lachlan Bryan’s heart is steeped in the drama and imagery of country, roots, and Americana music. An Australia-based songwriter with true authenticity, Bryan’s songs are draped with dark characters, back stories, and sub plots flavored with dustbowl balladry, old school country, and nu-folk undertones. Together with his band The Wildes, Bryan has built […]

“Wallflower” by Peacock Affect

The music of George Holman is released under the moniker, Peacock Affect. Holman’s songs are strikingly beautiful and emotionally touching. In January of 2014, Holman released a self-titled album, which included the song “Friend.”

Influenced by Elliott Smith and The Smiths, Holman’s music stems from melodies that he picks on the guitar […]

“Pillar Of Salt” by I Am Love

The folk-gypsy-rock band, I Am Love, originally began as a singer-songwriter project in the countryside just outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. According to founding member, Joshua Christopher, the area is deeply rooted in the earliest days of American culture.

“This is where many of our founding fathers lived when they birthed this great nation,” Christopher explains. “The […]

"Sundown" by Aubergine MACHINE

Electronica-pop, downtempo outfit, Aubergine MACHINE, released the single “Sundown” in October via Muzik Liberated. Aubergine MACHINE is a collaboration between world renowned multi-platinum selling producer Ian Carey and new-comer to the scene Shanti Ellis. They formed the band in late 2012 after realizing their unique capability to create genre-blending electronic music with mainstream […]

“Come On And Shoot” by Teenage Wildlife

Multi-instrumentalist and producer John Wright devised Teenage Wildlife as a project via which he could write, produce and release his own compositions. All tracks are available for free.

Wright has written and arranged scores for Fashion brands such as DIOR and JAN ALGHREN. He has produced exclusive music for films for British GQ and others. […]

"The Drover" by Morelands and "Water" by Jonathon Trevillien

Jonathon Trevillien is an Australia-based singer-songwriter and guitarist. His latest release is a collection of recordings made from December 2010 to June 2013 on the Blackall Range — a mountain range in South East Queensland, Australia — and in Brisbane City. The collection is titled Nature is Drone, Drone is Nature. Additionally, his […]

“Looking Back Towards The Sea” by Yellow6

Jon Attwood started Yellow6 as a solo guitar project, initially inspired by space-post-rock, electronica and reverb soundscapes. Yellow6 has released nine official albums, a myriad of singles, and several compilations and remixes. There have been over 60 live shows in Europe and North America since 2001.

English post-rock band, Bark Psychosis, got Attwood interested […]