January 2015
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“Abigail” by Clara Barker

Small Bear Records are happy to announce the reissue of the debut by Clara Barker titled Indigo. This release follows the release of her second album, Fine Art & The Breslins, earlier in 2014.

Indigo contains a variety of songs, ranging from the joyous and playful “Cowboy, Ninja, Bear!” to the more downbeat and dark […]

“You’re Not One Of Them” by The Red Paintings

Orchestral art rockers The Red Paintings are on tour in support of the release of their debut album The Revolution Is Never Coming.

Based in London and Los Angeles – and having been fortunate enough to already tour much of the globe – The Red Paintings are a five-piece group (guitar, violin, cello, bass and drums) […]

“Buy Your Heart” by Nate Paladino

Orange County, California-based singer/songwriter, Nate Paladino, released his Good Boy EP on November 7, 2014. His lyrical approach lies on the dark and introspective side with his blues, ballads, rock, and 50’s-60’s pop influences looming large in his songwriting. Members include, Nate Paladino on guitar and vocals; Jon Hyrkas on drums; Frank Fermi and […]

“Forever In Your Debt” by The Slow Readers Club

On December 1, 2014, Manchester-based indie-electro band The Slow Readers Club followed the success of their last single “Don’t Mind” with the re-release of fan favorite, “Forever In Your Debt,” a taut, energetic track with dark, introspective lyrics.

[Audio clip: view full post to listen]
“Forever In Your Debt” by The Slow Readers Club

The re-release […]

“Sunday” by I, Us, & We

California, dream-pop outfit I, Us, & We just released their first single, “Sunday” from their debut EP, Mono.

The song is written, recorded, and mixed by the band. Also co-produced.

“‘Sunday’ is a lush synth-driven glide with a nifty modern take on some soft-focus 80s production. Call it chillwave, call it synthwave, call […]

“Icarus” by DRLNG

DRLNG (pronounced darling) is a new project featuring former members of Boston dreampop act Plumerai. On December 16, 2014 they released their debut EP Icarus. The four-song EP was recorded at Mystic Valley Studios and features songs mixed and mastered to vinyl in 100-percent analog environments. No computers were used in the recording of this […]

“Wildfire” by Ethan Jano

Raised in rural Pennsylvania, Ethan Jano was one of eight children. Jano’s earliest memories involve listening to his Dad and great uncle pick out old tunes from the likes of Buddy Holly, Johnny Cash, Elvis and Bob Dylan. When Jano turned eight, his Dad taught him his first guitar chords and one night around […]

“Continuum” by Jack Jeffery

Progressive-ambient influenced, Virginia-based artist, Jack Jeffery, recently released his third album, Enlightened Horizon. The album transports the listener through a compelling musical journey of psychedelic, electronic, acoustic, and folk-rock soundscapes.

Jeffery’s earlier releases include 2012’s The Constant That Remains and 2010’s Passage to Agadir.

Have a listen to the track “Continuum” below from his […]

"Black Soul" by Dilated Academy

Experimental-soul singer, Kelvin Godson, from Toronto, Canada (a.k.a Dilated Academy), released a full-length album titled Black Soul Project on December 13, 2014.

“You don’t have to know exactly what the artist is saying, all you need is for it to speak to your soul,” says Godson of the single, “Black Soul.” ~ VENTS Magazine

You may have […]