May 2015
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“Wolves And Sheep” by Malka

New York City-based psychedelic dream-pop band Malka released their debut EP, The Constant State on March 2. Recorded at both APT Studio (NYC) and Elohino studio (NJ), mixed by Darko Saric, and mastered at 825 Studios by Grammy Award-winning engineer Butch Jones, The Constant State takes listeners on a genre-melding journey, ebbing and flowing through […]

“Ferris Wheel” by Olivia

“Ferris Wheel” is the first single from the new EP project by fifteen year old singer-songwriter Olivia Penalva. The track is a sugary-pop, summer anthem. Olivia’s bubbly vocals shimmer alongside flowery synths and breathy harmonies. The feel good, rhythmically-focused lyrics build a memory of refreshing moments spent in the sun with friends. […]

“You Don’t Know Me” by Ghost Lit Kingdom

Indie-pop, Southern California-based quintet, Ghost Lit Kingdom, was born out of an acoustic side project that developed into an emotional catharsis filled with cascading dynamics, powerful vocal and lyrical substance, stunning musicianship and innovative songwriting.

The music of Ghost Lit Kingdom features a textual blend of musical, dynamic and vocal contrast. Dual vocals, as unique together […]

“Feel Like Running” by Chris Marshall & The August Light

On June 23, 2015, Portland, Oregon-based Chris Marshall & The August Light will celebrate the release of their latest full-length, Some Kind of Dream, a departure from the alt-country-Americana of previous offerings.

The August Light features Ryan Reetz on keys, William Joertz on bass, and Joel Swift on drums. Some Kind of Dream is a […]

“True Love” by Yulianna

From her award winning vocal and violin performances in her youth, to where she stands now on the brink of pop-stardom, there is no denying the immense talent of California-based songstress, Yulianna. Her new single, “True Love,” is a pop-jam featuring a electronic chorus with stunning vocals and colorful arrangements; grafting the shouts of […]

“Bees” by Smoke Season

Los Angeles, California-based indie electro-Americana act, Smoke Season, just released a stunningly, psychedelic music video for their latest single, “Bees.” They combine a spellbinding myriad of kaleidoscopic footage, custom-created neon light installations, and natural topography, continuing their breathtaking music video imagery that has become Smoke Season’s signature trademark. The video also showcases projection mapping […]

“Love Love Love” by Rebecca Perl

Born and raised in Long Island, New York, a child of the eighties and nineties, Rebecca Perl announced at age 13 that she would be a singer-songwriter when she grew up. In the late ’90s, radio carried a heavy dose of acoustic pop music, and Perl gravitated to that sound. This is when she […]

"Lone Wolf" by Anna Renee

Singer-songwriter, Anna Renee, offers a deeply profound mix of soul and blues with unforgettable hooks that draw you in the way only a great pop record can. Furthermore, her performances are theatrical, electric, and emotional. Not only has her experience as an actress carried into her music on stage, it has also allowed her […]

“Walking In The Sun” by The Blue Dolphins

Los Angeles, California-based eclectic, melodic pop-rock duo, The Blue Dolphins, is comprised of Alfonso Rodenas (guitar, engineer) and Victoria Scott (lead vocals). Their six-song EP entitled Walking In The Sun is the prelude to the band’s forthcoming sophomore full-length, Come On, which will be released in the fall. Walking In The Sun embraces […]

“Hometown (Live)” by Joe Hertler & The Rainbow Seekers

With spectacular energy pulsating from every member of the band, Lansing, Michigan-based Joe Hertler & The Rainbow Seekers could illuminate the very chambers of Heaven. Lead singer and Amish excommunicate Joe Hertler splashes through lyrical puddles of golden rain. A ride on the Rainbow will take you across the mountains of Motown, through the fjords […]