August 2015
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“Never Be Apart” by The Pinstripe Pigeon Band

Modest yet ambitious studio project, The Pinstripe Pigeon Band, is a seven-strong pop force credited with the release of five well-received EPs throughout 2013 and 2014.

The band’s latest material showcases intelligent sophisti-pop, electronica, funkadelia and anthemic rock. The lyrics lovingly articulate personal experiences. The vocals hark back to Aretha at her most bombastic and […]

“The Depths” by Mark Kraus

New York City-based singer-songwriter, Mark Kraus, grew up in the kind of old Massachusetts town that had long past its day. Abandoned factories and turned to strip malls drove him and his friends to seek music as a way out.

Kraus and friends escaped to Boston where they formed the indie folk band Jr. Corduroy. 2002’s […]

“Yello Hazy” by Kiravell

San Diego-based, Meniyka Kiravell, is not your typical musician. She dabbles in quantum mechanics and energy medicine and considers herself a “vibrational scientist.” She is currently focusing her intentions on creating ecstatic music that pleases ones ears and uplifts the soul sonically and energetically.

Soaking up influences from around the world, Kiravell poured out 9 […]

"Out of the Dark" by Shane Tutmarc

Some may know Shane Tutmarc as the front man for the Seattle-based indie-pop band Dolour, which featured Robin Pecknold (Fleet Foxes). After packing up Dolour in 2010, Tutmarc moved to Nashville, where he refined his sound, blending garage-rock, folk, blues, country, gospel and pop to create an Americana flavor that pays homage to its […]