September 2015
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“A Rainy Week in Paradise” by Elessar Thiessen

The latest effort from Winnipeg-based, singer-songwriter Elessar Thiessen was released on June 10 and is titled A Rainy Week in Paradise. It is a reflection of the growing influence of blues guitar licks in a modern pop rock context. It exposes us to longing, angst and agony, fear and shattered confidence, and yet […]

“Shot in the Dark” by Skittish

The idiosyncratic-sounding quartet, Skittish, from St. Paul, Minnesota have released their newest album, Two Legs Bad. Since their inception, the band has maintained a steady trajectory through the indie wilderness; playing SXSW and Summerfest and opening for some notable acts including The Lone Bellow.

Members include Jeff Noller, Brianna Tagg, Jeremy Krueth and Lazarus Ulysses […]

“Weight In Gold” by Dave Woodgett

Small Bear Records are happy to announce their latest release, the Over The Ash Tree EP by Dave Woodgett. You may download it via bandcamp.

Woodgett is a 23 year old musician from Norwich. After recently moving to the Isle of Man, Over The Ash Tree was recorded on the stage of a […]

“Rewind” by Kalsey Kulyk

Singer-songwriter Kalsey Kulyk moved to Las Vegas at the age of 19 to work with famed record producer, Richard Dashut (Fleetwood Mac). She had a successful debut EP in 2014 and headed right back into the studio to follow it up with the uplifting single “Rewind.” The song has poignant lyrics which paint […]

“I’m Ready” by Patti Yang

As a teenager living in London, Patti Yang found herself smack dab in the early 90’s electronic music bloom. By the time Yang had developed her own musical voice, she was being courted by Sony and Warner Music in Poland. Yang’s impressive CV includes solo support for the Depeche Mode and over 10 major […]

“Dream” by My Brothers and I

Portland, Oregon-based northwest soul band, My Brothers and I, deliver an eclectic mix of pop on their debut album Don’t Dream Alone, released on September 18 via Expunged Records.

My Brothers and I bring a wide range of influences to their music, creating sounds that are melodic, soulful, and danceable. Their eleven-track collection is comprised […]

“Growing Younger” by Wilhelm Tell Me

Indie-pop trio, Wilhelm Tell Me released the single “Growing Younger” via Nordpolrecords on September 7. Bandmates hailing from Hamburg and Copenhagen include Henning Sommer (vocals, guitars, keys), Matthias Kranz (bass, backing vocals) and Paul Kaiser (Drums).

Last May in Los Angeles, Sommer met with Lars Stalfors, producer and key player for The Mars Volta. […]

“Get Well Soon” by The Liquorsmiths

The powerfully dynamic folk rock trio out of San Diego, California, The Liquorsmiths, are known for their eclectic arrangements, compelling energy and poetic story-telling. Their style has recently been compared to Wilco meets Delta Spirit meets My Brightest Diamond, but retains a style and musicality all their own. Members hail from San Francisco and San […]

“Beautiful Smile” by Loren Smith

After years of singing for film and television, background singing for numerous artists, performing at Disneyland, Universal Studios Hollywood and the Special Olympic Opening Ceremonies, singer and composer Loren Smith is stepping out on his own.

Backed by the producing team of Josh Stevens of LMFAO fame and K-Kov from Israel’s The Voice comes “Beautiful Smile”, […]

“Sugar Dream” by Valley Shine

Valley Shine was distilled from a love of whiskey, cats and bluegrass music. In early 2014, Jenna Blake was in search of a writing partner with an appreciation for folk music who shared her passion for songwriting. Hailing from Louisville, Kentucky, Blake was influenced by traditional bluegrass music and roots rock like CCR, CSNY and […]