December 2015
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"Away From Here" by Ideomotor

Erkka Wennonen and Kimmo Myllyviita originally hail from Helsinki, Finland and have been close friends since their early teens. Mixing classic acoustic instruments with contemporary production techniques, the duo began to synthesize their interests, bridging brit-pop and 80’s synth-pop with 90’s era heavy metal and post punk.

The resulting sound was something they felt […]

"Dirty Love" by Dirty Revival

Portland, Oregon’s Dirty Revival, a five-piece soul-hip-hop group, are celebrating the release of their debut, self-titled full-length. Featuring the resounding, and resonating, front woman Sarah Clarke, Evan “evv’n’flo” Simko (M.C., guitar), Terry Drysdale (drums), Karl Ludwigsen (keyboards), and Jon Shaw (bass), the quintet delivers a record described by one concertgoer as “Aretha Franklin, Stevie […]

“Poppy Piss” by Idiot Grins

In 2012, Idiot Grins made Quarry. East Bay Express inexplicably referred to the band as, “zydeco-rockish” and said the album was “charming but torpid.”

The Idiot Grins’ newest album is entitled Big Man, and it represents a bit of a departure from their first album. “I’ve always loved R&B and soul, especially the music of […]

“Mirrors” by Mos Isley

In late-2015, Sweden-based indie pop outfit Mos Isley made their American debut on Whatship? who noted their music video’s “emotionally-liberating, intimate road trip visuals are the perfect compliment to the bands jangly brand of indie pop.”

The band’s music has an alternative and profound arena-pop feel with heartfelt lyrics and catchy melodies. They were voted for […]

“Over Your Shoulder” by Evan Taylor Jones

Eclectic soul-rock artist and singer-songwriter, Evan Taylor Jones (ETJ) hails from Orlando, Florida. At just 13, ETJ began slowly dissecting the classic music he remembered his mother enjoying.

Jenny Kloote, a Lead Entertainment Advisor at Walt Disney World theme park in Orlando may have said it best: “His voice is like bread and butter; so […]

“Lo-Fi” by The Minerals

Based in the South Wales Valleys, The Minerals are Colenso Jones and Jodie Gibson, a couple who began writing and performing together in the Summer of 2014. Merging elements of Country, Electro and Psychedelia, the duo’s influences range from The Vaselines and Leadbelly to Mogwai and Nick Drake.

The Minerals’ writing process involves the […]

“Moonlight” by Jack the Radio

North Carolina indie-roots-rock outfit Jack the Radio meld their native blues and pop influences with electronic flourishes, spaghetti western vibes and hard edged rock n’ roll.

Their newest release, Badlands, was recorded over a three year period starting in 2012 and is now being released in a limited vinyl pressing. The bands work ethic and […]