February 2018
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Black Kids and Mates of State at Warehouse Live

If you’re from Houston and were wondering, Warehouse Live does have a Grand Ballroom. If you can call it that. I have often wondered myself what admittance into the ballroom takes, as the auxiliary stage is being used whenever I attend. Apparently it takes Mates of State, a husband and wife team […]

South-By-Southwest 2009

I was in Austin for a total of 91 hours and only 14 of those hours were wasted on sleep. It was South-by-Southwest weekend, the annual conference showcasing hundreds of bands that travel to Texas from all around the world. It takes an entire year of volunteer preparation for the culmination of events that take […]

Kimberly M’Carver at Anderson Fair

On Tuesday, March 10th KUHF, the public news and arts NPR affiliated station of the University of Houston, welcomed folk singer/songwriter and native Texan, Kimberly M’Carver. I had a generous invitation to view the live broadcast of the featuring program, The Front Row. After her on-air performance I decided to attend the follow-up show at […]

Thursday Night at the House of Blues

Last week I posted a song and a picture along with a heads up that a Lenka concert review would be coming soon. Well, today I have to disclose the bad news. I missed Lenka. I could not, for the life of me, locate the charger to the GPS that my dad […]

Brett Dennen at Warehouse Live

Last Thursday was another night spent at Warehouse Live. This night, however, began with an unfamiliar and unpredicted moment of line-waiting. Not to mention, I had just used the last minute or two bragging to friends and telling them not to worry because Warehouse never has a line. I hate lines. […]

Magnetic Concert Review

I worked for 13 ½ hours on Saturday. Around 11:30pm I pleaded with one of my managers to set me free. I explained that I had been at work all day, but more importantly that I had a concert to get to. A friend of mine was playing at a place called […]

Monday Night at Warehouse Live

I had to pick myself up off the floor after falling when my sister agreed to go to a concert with me. I can’t remember the last concert she went to. She can probably count them on one hand. So, while the night was routine for me, it was a much bigger deal for her. […]

Coldplay Concert Highlights

Toyota Center- Houston, Texas- Tuesday, November 18, 2008

According to The Daily Cougar (The Official University Newspaper of the University of Houston) journalist, Cassandra Malork, “A Coldplay concert is always a memorable one because excellence is expected.” Last night was my first live Coldplay experience but it is safe to say that […]

Tuesday Night at Warehouse Live

Well, if you’re interested in seeing a band who’s lead singer does not articulate one word, therefore, you cannot understand a single thing he says, I would suggest going to see a group called Dear and the Headlights. They did a ballad towards the end of their set which was disastrous considering the words to […]

House of Blues Concert Reviews

Brace yourself, I have two concert reviews for ya’ on this beautiful Friday. Actually, it’s only 65 degrees in Houston today. Chilly!

On Tuesday night I saw The Ting Tings at the new House of Blues in Houston. First of all, I got in for free! I was waiting in line around 8pm to purchase my […]