March 2018
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“Drive” Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Based off of the book written by James Sallis, Drive stars Ryan Gosling as a Hollywood stunt driver who works part time as a mechanic and also part time as a wheelman for crime. The movie takes a strange turn (can’t say for the best) when one heist goes awry. That said, the […]

"You're No Match" by Jakob Dylan

Columbia Records will be releasing the soundtrack for the original motion picture, A Little Help on July 19th. “You’re No Match” is one of three original tracks by Jakob Dylan included on the soundtrack. A Little Help will arrive in theatres on July 22, 2011.

You’re No Match by Jakob Dylan

Image courtesy of MoviePosterShop.

“Spitting Fire” by The Boxer Rebellion

The new Fox Searchlight film, The Art of Getting By, will be released this Friday, June 17, 2011. Unlike Rotten Tomatoes (Yikes!), I thought it was cute. Sure, it wasn’t anything that we haven’t seen before and maybe it did ring of Nick & Norah, but it made me smile and I enjoyed […]

“Chances Are” by Garrett Hedlund

I just downloaded the Country Strong Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. It’s too bad Garrett Hedlund does not have a bigger presence on the album as he was phenomenal in the movie! “Chances Are” is the only song he wrote. The rest of the songs featured in the movie are sung by their […]

"Somewhere" featuring music by Phoenix

Click here for a sneak peak at the new movie coming soon featuring music by Phoenix. Also, actress Elle Fanning, the sweet younger sister of Dakota Fanning.

“Help Yourself” by Sad Brad Smith

I finally watched the Grammy nominated movie Up In The Air. Everybody told me it wasn’t good. I knew I shouldn’t have listened to “everybody.” I was anxious to see up-and-comer/ Broadway actress/ Twilight Saga star, Anna Kendrick. She did an excellent job! As for Vira Farmiga, I’ve loved her […]

“Adam” Motion Picture Soundtrack

Picture courtesy of Music. Design. Life. Everything in Between.

I saw a free screening of Adam last night at the Angelika in downtown Houston. The soundtrack features songs from Joshua Radin, Maria Taylor, The Weepies and Miranda Lee Richards. Most listened on Paste is the Radin/ Taylor duet “When You Find Me.” My […]

500 Days of Summer

Image courtesy of the Minneapolis/ St. Paul International Film Festival Official Site

“You should know up front, this is not a love story.” Are you sure Mr. Webb? Isn’t it about the heartbreak of being in love and not being loved back? Isn’t it about the difficulty of being loved and not […]

“Rise” by Azure Ray

Winter Passing is an indie drama film directed by Adam Rapp. Rent star, Anthony Rapp, provides a cameo in his brother’s directorial debut. I struggled internally with the option to include or not include the former piece of information because I am aware of my small obsession with the rock opera, Rent. […]