March 2018
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“I Wasn’t In My Right Mind” by Scott Taylor

Born in Washington, D.C. and raised in Virginia, Scott Taylor plays the true blues; stirred up in Motown hot sauce, simmered in funk and seasoned with southern soul.

The singer-songwriter has spent a life entrenched in music. After years spent with his youth choir, Taylor began his professional career backing headlining artists who toured the Northwest. […]

“Emily” by Nick Urb

Singer-songwriter, Nick Urb, released Until the End of Days via Independent Ear Records on February 26, 2016. For this batch of songs, Urb tinkered with odd tuning while exploring both the happiness and hardships of his young adult life. He recorded Until the End of Days in Hamilton, Ontario at Catherine North Studios. […]

“Bring Me Down Dixie” by Kate Brown

Whether the audience is rapt and attentive or well oiled and rowdy, singer-songwriter Kate Brown charms them with self-deprecating monologues, sheer intensity and her audacious authenticity.

A small town girl from Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, she grew up with supportive parents that she characterizes as “Old hippies in an upstanding Midwest Catholic way — really accepting and […]

“Sweet Melody” by Alicia Rae

Hailing from Washington DC, Alicia Rae quickly found her knack for songwriting the moment she picked up her first guitar. Then came the crisp vocals and catchy, relatable lyrics. The singer-songwriter’s music consists of captivating pop songs with playful melodies and honest lyrics.

Rae worked with Chris Rafetto on her 2015 EP Sweet Melody. Drawing inspiration […]

“Hexagon Head” by This Heel

Small Bear Records ended 2015 with the third release from This Heel, logically titled This Heel III. This Heel is the solo work of Martin Månsson Sjöstrand, prolific frontman of Sweden’s Dog, Paper, Submarine (who themselves released a new EP in 2015, with another due in early this year).

This Heel deals in […]

“Lama” by Ummagma

The recently released EP from Ummagma, Frequency, has been included in 30+ “Best of 2015” charts. Ummagma’s sound is reminiscent of 4AD early output with hues of Cocteau Twins, David Sylvian, Mike Oldfield, Vangelis and Stereolab.

Ummagma is a duo comprised of Shauna McLarnon and Alexander Kretov, hailing from Whitehorse, Canada and Kremenets, Ukraine respectively. […]

“In Our Parent’s Eyes” by Nish Goyal

Nish Goyal is an indie-folk singer-songwriter from Chester. He graduated in Law and worked briefly as a legal advisor before moving to Frankfurt to take up a stockbroking job. However, music has always been a huge part of his life. His first instrument was the piano though these days he is drawn more […]

"Away From Here" by Ideomotor

Erkka Wennonen and Kimmo Myllyviita originally hail from Helsinki, Finland and have been close friends since their early teens. Mixing classic acoustic instruments with contemporary production techniques, the duo began to synthesize their interests, bridging brit-pop and 80’s synth-pop with 90’s era heavy metal and post punk.

The resulting sound was something they felt […]

"Dirty Love" by Dirty Revival

Portland, Oregon’s Dirty Revival, a five-piece soul-hip-hop group, are celebrating the release of their debut, self-titled full-length. Featuring the resounding, and resonating, front woman Sarah Clarke, Evan “evv’n’flo” Simko (M.C., guitar), Terry Drysdale (drums), Karl Ludwigsen (keyboards), and Jon Shaw (bass), the quintet delivers a record described by one concertgoer as “Aretha Franklin, Stevie […]

“Poppy Piss” by Idiot Grins

In 2012, Idiot Grins made Quarry. East Bay Express inexplicably referred to the band as, “zydeco-rockish” and said the album was “charming but torpid.”

The Idiot Grins’ newest album is entitled Big Man, and it represents a bit of a departure from their first album. “I’ve always loved R&B and soul, especially the music of […]