March 2018
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“Poppy Piss” by Idiot Grins

In 2012, Idiot Grins made Quarry. East Bay Express inexplicably referred to the band as, “zydeco-rockish” and said the album was “charming but torpid.”

The Idiot Grins’ newest album is entitled Big Man, and it represents a bit of a departure from their first album. “I’ve always loved R&B and soul, especially the music of […]

“All of My Bones Broke on Thursday Evening” by Lindsay Kupser

Vancouver singer-songwriter Lindsay Kupser has crafted five tracks of incredibly soothing and gentle music for her new EP titled Quiet Songs. With chilled-out guitars and lush vocals, Kupser has done something truly special on this record. Stripped down soundscapes define this record. Kupser understands the future of acoustic music and she is […]

“Miracle” by Andy Evans

Texas musical maniac Andy Evans‘ latest record, Miracle is a representation of everything that makes this kind of music great. A soulful poet, his straightforward guitar-playing accompanies vivid lyrics that show his knack for poignant storytelling. Evans shares his boundless creativity and ongoing experiences through introspective live performances and polished recordings. He has […]

“Window To Nowhere” by Andre Chrys

Vancouver singer-songwriter, Andre Chrys, delivers roots rock songs that blend eclectic influences from rock, classic pop, Americana, blues, and soul. Chrys began his music career in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He paid his dues in hardworking bands that toured across Canada, playing clubs and festivals. Life, love and reality took him down a dozen different roads since […]

“I Hope You’re Well” by Violet Night

British Columbia sweethearts, Violet Night, have crafted a distinct sound described as “deeply emotional indie pop magic” with their debut EP, I Hope You’re Well. The band’s vocalist and guitarist Connor Pohl is also known for his work in City Light Vigil.

There is a depth to the sound on this album, and a profound […]

“Get Well Soon” by The Liquorsmiths

The powerfully dynamic folk rock trio out of San Diego, California, The Liquorsmiths, are known for their eclectic arrangements, compelling energy and poetic story-telling. Their style has recently been compared to Wilco meets Delta Spirit meets My Brightest Diamond, but retains a style and musicality all their own. Members hail from San Francisco and San […]

“Yello Hazy” by Kiravell

San Diego-based, Meniyka Kiravell, is not your typical musician. She dabbles in quantum mechanics and energy medicine and considers herself a “vibrational scientist.” She is currently focusing her intentions on creating ecstatic music that pleases ones ears and uplifts the soul sonically and energetically.

Soaking up influences from around the world, Kiravell poured out 9 […]

“17 Miles” by Jared Deck

Musically, songwriter Jared Deck has always worked to transcend genres, but his current transition comes naturally, as he puts his stamp on the timeless genre Midamericana.

“Midamericana is the sound of our world – outside the big cities, between the coasts, where dreams are born and die. It’s the hopeless optimism in our stories and the […]

“Hold On Tight” by Sperry Alan

Hailing from Truro Nova Scotia, Canada, Sperry Alan, released their third album Before Our Time on April 21. The creative energy behind the band is John Alan Sperry, an artist who writes the lyrics and plays the music Sperry Alan publishes. John Alan Sperry recorded, mixed, mastered, produced and provided all vocals and […]

“Down” by Slim Loris

Stockholm-based indie rock quartet Slim Loris was formed by singer and bass-player Mattias Cederstam and guitarist Robert Barrefelt in 2009. The duo was soon accompanied by drummer Jonas Ellenberg and singer and guitarist Leon Lindström.

The band released their third album Love and Fear on May 19. Production was done by Pecka Hammarstedt (who also […]