March 2018
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“Over Your Shoulder” by Evan Taylor Jones

Eclectic soul-rock artist and singer-songwriter, Evan Taylor Jones (ETJ) hails from Orlando, Florida. At just 13, ETJ began slowly dissecting the classic music he remembered his mother enjoying.

Jenny Kloote, a Lead Entertainment Advisor at Walt Disney World theme park in Orlando may have said it best: “His voice is like bread and butter; so […]

“Rewind” by Kalsey Kulyk

Singer-songwriter Kalsey Kulyk moved to Las Vegas at the age of 19 to work with famed record producer, Richard Dashut (Fleetwood Mac). She had a successful debut EP in 2014 and headed right back into the studio to follow it up with the uplifting single “Rewind.” The song has poignant lyrics which paint […]

“I’ve Got You” by Troy Doherty

Accomplished actor, singer-songwriter, musician, parkour/freerunner and avid student, Troy Doherty released the EP Citizen Arrest back in October 2014. Doherty writes the songs, is the lead vocalist, and plays acoustic guitar and piano. Felicia Barton (American Idol runner up) is the backup vocalist. Joe King (lead guitarist of The Fray) plays lead guitar. […]

“Ferris Wheel” by Olivia

“Ferris Wheel” is the first single from the new EP project by fifteen year old singer-songwriter Olivia Penalva. The track is a sugary-pop, summer anthem. Olivia’s bubbly vocals shimmer alongside flowery synths and breathy harmonies. The feel good, rhythmically-focused lyrics build a memory of refreshing moments spent in the sun with friends. […]

“True Love” by Yulianna

From her award winning vocal and violin performances in her youth, to where she stands now on the brink of pop-stardom, there is no denying the immense talent of California-based songstress, Yulianna. Her new single, “True Love,” is a pop-jam featuring a electronic chorus with stunning vocals and colorful arrangements; grafting the shouts of […]

"Lone Wolf" by Anna Renee

Singer-songwriter, Anna Renee, offers a deeply profound mix of soul and blues with unforgettable hooks that draw you in the way only a great pop record can. Furthermore, her performances are theatrical, electric, and emotional. Not only has her experience as an actress carried into her music on stage, it has also allowed her […]

“Human” by Kat McDowell

Los Angeles singer/songwriter, Kat McDowell, captures emotional struggles and tribulations with her new single, “Human,” from her upcoming album Rise Above due out on October 28th, 2014.

A world traveler by birth, McDowell was born in Japan and raised in New Zealand, allowing her mixed heritage to become a source of inspiration for the emotional connection […]

“I Swear” by Rett Smith

Born in the cowboy country of West Texas, and raised in the mountains of New Mexico, skiing was the first obsession for singer/songwriter Rett Smith. It was an hour long drive each way to the mountain and Smith’s father would play Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, ZZ Top, Buddy Guy and Hank Williams records all […]

“Poor Man” by Terese Taylor

The album, At Your Mercy Circuit, is singer-songwriter Terese Taylor‘s first collaboration with Klaus Flouride of the Dead Kennedy’s. The artists spent two years honing what Flouride calls Taylor’s “dark yet humorous sensibility.” Each track of this haunting album is filled with Taylor’s characteristic mix of poetic lyriciam, grinding guitar, and moments of quiet beauty. […]

“Into the Light” by Salvador Santana

Born into a life of music, Salvador Santana first began playing the drums at the age of three, under the direction of his father, Carlos Santana. It was his experimentation with the drums that eventually led him to begin taking piano lessons at the age of six, and eventually, studying at the Ruth Asawa School […]