March 2018
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“Shot in the Dark” by Skittish

The idiosyncratic-sounding quartet, Skittish, from St. Paul, Minnesota have released their newest album, Two Legs Bad. Since their inception, the band has maintained a steady trajectory through the indie wilderness; playing SXSW and Summerfest and opening for some notable acts including The Lone Bellow.

Members include Jeff Noller, Brianna Tagg, Jeremy Krueth and Lazarus Ulysses […]

“I’m Ready” by Patti Yang

As a teenager living in London, Patti Yang found herself smack dab in the early 90’s electronic music bloom. By the time Yang had developed her own musical voice, she was being courted by Sony and Warner Music in Poland. Yang’s impressive CV includes solo support for the Depeche Mode and over 10 major […]

“The Depths” by Mark Kraus

New York City-based singer-songwriter, Mark Kraus, grew up in the kind of old Massachusetts town that had long past its day. Abandoned factories and turned to strip malls drove him and his friends to seek music as a way out.

Kraus and friends escaped to Boston where they formed the indie folk band Jr. Corduroy. 2002’s […]

“I Got Nothing” by Scott Krokoff

With a rich and melodic sound drawn primarily from his love of 60s and 70s singer-songwriters, New Yorker Scott Krokoff weaves elements of folk-rock and country-pop into confessional and compelling Americana.

Krokoff’s college band, Equinox, played heavily throughout NYC in the 90s, releasing four albums before the different members settled into the workforce and “real life” […]

“Slow I Go” by Paul Doffing

Indie-folk musician, 6 and 12 string guitarist, Paul Doffing, is currently touring the United States (and beyond) on a bicycle. His first music/bike tour was the five-month Freedom From Fuel Tour in 2012. In five months he traversed the entire continent by bicycle playing thirty tour dates from Washington, D.C. to San Francisco, California. He […]

“Captive” by Shannon Nicole

Oregon-based songbird, Shannen Nicole, has the innate ability to pen and deliver authentic, emotionally raw songs, maturely delivered and unmistakably soaked in the Beatles-esque vibes from her parents’ record collection.

Nicole’s debut album, Captive, shows her writing about things she or her friends experienced in high school, always captivated by those around her. The […]

“No More Hits” by the zzips

Hailing from South of London in the suburbs of Sussex, lo-fi pop impresarios the zzips come baring the gifts of outside observation. Comprised of core duo James Butler and Graham Cupples, the zzips utilize technology and retro gear to create an organic hybrid of blues and electronica, tied together with hip hop riffs and […]

“Jimmy Dean” by The Morning Birds

Heard on Showtime’s Shameless, check out the early morning, post-bender, hangover-lifting, “Jimmy Dean,” from The Morning Birds’ Early Bird Specials (Select Songs from 2011-2014).

You may stream the album via bandcamp.

The Morning Birds (TMB) are Samuel Markus (vox, guitar), Jennifer Thorington (vox, bass, keys) and Stephen Newman (drums, backup vox). In describing TMB’s sound, Consequence […]

“He Was A Man” by Kings of the Brushwood Thicket

Mysterious Jamaica, Queens outfit Kings of the Brushwood Thicket has premiered their debut single “He Was A Man” via Austin Town Hall. The publication noted the Bowie-esque acoustic number offers “an extremely pure glimpse at the nostalgic sounds of glam rock. Strip it down a bit, remove modern context, and you have a […]

“Change” by TJ Doyle

TJ Doyle is a man who sings about the changes and challenges of our generation. His retro vibes convey an authenticity that harks back to the great work of the 60s. His new album, On The Horizon, is available today, April 8.

The Vinyl District premiered Doyle’s new single “Change,” and compared his sound to […]