"Going North" by Missy Higgins

I have just returned from my ten day 4th of July vacation. Ten days is a long time but it went fast. I was back in my home state of Michigan at Higgins Lake with my family. Contrary to what some of you Texans think, it does not snow in Michigan in the middle of July. The weather was beautiful. Anyway, I was without internet access for over a week, thus my lack of postings. Today I thought I would put up one with a fitting song title, “Going North” off Missy Higgins’ 2007 album, On A Clear Night. A nice little acoustic number for you.

Also, here’s Kid Rock’s, “All Summer Long” from his 2007 album, Rock N Roll Jesus. Sorry, I just had to use it because it refers to summertime in northern Michigan. And, this is what I was doing all last week; boating, wakeboarding, skiing…ok, I’ll stop bragging now. It’s just been so long since I had a vacation.