"Night Terror" by Laura Marling

If you know the indie band Noah and The Whale then you know 18 year old Laura Marling. She is a member of that band and since February has also had a solo debut album release entitled Alas I Cannot Swim. This song, “Night Terror” is off that album. It was previously released on her EP My Manic and I.

“Honey” by The Hush Sound

The concert last night was amazing. In case you missed yesterday’s post, I went to Warehouse Live and saw The Morning Light, Steel Train, The Cab, and the first time headliner The Hush Sound. I walked in to find Steel Train front-man, Jack Antonoff, at the merch table selling his own merchandise. I caught the end of “Honest” by The Morning Light. Great song. The Steel Train set included a nearly a capella bluesy number and closed with “I Feel Wierd.” I underestimated The Cab. They will be headlining in October back at Warehouse and I’m tempted to go back and see them again. The Hush Sound started their set with Greta Salpeter alone on stage singing and playing “Hurricane.” The rest joined her towards the end of the song. I didn’t hear “Medicine Man” which was a little disappointing.

"I Feel Wierd" by Steel Train

I will be seeing these New Jersey natives tonight along with The Cab and The Morning Light supporting The Hush Sound at Warehouse Live. This song is featured on the album Trampoline which came out in 2007 as their second full-length.

"Irish Song" by Chief

I’ve heard of this band before but I had not stumbled upon anything to listen to until today. While surfing the net I came across Mangus Entertainment, Inc. and it directed me to Chief’s Myspace page. I began to listen to the tracks from thier new 5 song EP titled The Castle Is Gone. I like their Folk-Rock sound. This video has only 642 hits on YouTube.

"You Cheated Me" by Martha Wainwright

I’ve been out of the loop with this one. The last time I payed Martha Wainwright any attention was when she provided vocals on brother Rufus’ 2003 album Want One, and of course when they covered Leonard Cohen’s “Halleluia” for the Shreck soundtrack. This song is off her June 10, 2008 release, I Know You’re Married But I’ve Got Feelings Too.

"Saving Grace" by Tom Petty

I’m getting excited because I have tickets to see Tom Petty on August 29th, 2008 at The Woodlands Pavilion. In light of this fact I thought I’d post one from his latest. For anyone who lost track this is his 2006 Highway Companion promo, “Saving Grace.” The songs “Square One” and “Jack” off this album were featured on the 2005 movie soundtrack to Elizabethtown along with several older Tom Petty songs, including “It’ll All Work Out” and my personal favorite, “Learning to Fly.”

"Believe" by Staind

The Illusion of Progress is the sixth studio album by Staind. It will be released on August 19, 2008. This song, “Believe,” is now playing on certain radio stations. I may have to take a trip down the Corpus Christi to see these guys. On second thought, that will never happen… I’ll probably have to work that night and a three hour drive with these gas prices would not be the smartest decision to make. Bummer.