"Start Beginning" by Nizlopi

Hey there! Sorry for being gone so long. I realize that my last post was on November 3rd. Today I want to introduce you to the two-piece Nizlopi based in the UK. When I created my Ray Lamontagne station on Pandora I heard these guys several times. Turns out they had an album in 2004 and an EP in 2006. Now they have their second full-length that came out March 31, 2008 titled, Make It Happen. I have a little animated vidoe for ya of the first single, “Start Beginning.”

And here is the UK chart topper from 2004, “JCB.” This one IS the official video and is still an animation.

2 thoughts on “"Start Beginning" by Nizlopi

  • hi Jen
    thanks for the mention on your blog, i run FDM Records which is Nizlopi’s own independent label. Glad you like what we are doing. if you send me your email address I’ll let you have an mp3 of a new song currently only available from their gigs. Did you know this is probably their last ever tour btw?


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