“Laughing With” by Regina Spektor

Regina’s fifth studio album, Far, was released June 23, 2009. When it comes to Regina Spektor I have mixed feelings. I like her ballads but I have a hard time with songs like “That Time” from Begin to Hope. I dislike the guitar and even the way she sings the song, even though I love her voice. Some of her delux demos, like “Music Box,” bother me as well. On the other hand, I love the piano ones, such as “Real Love.”

I have some favorites on 11:11, including “Sunshine,” “Buildings,” and “Rejazz.” It’s clear to see her influence on artists like Kate Nash. I must be the billionth person to compare the way Kate and Regina speak their lyrics, as in “Consequence of Sound” from Songs.

As for Regina’s newer stuff, “Better” from Begin to Hope is a good song and of course “Laughing With” from Far.