Raven: the story of Mad Love by Marcone

Marcone, hailing from Burlington, Ontario, has released an album titled Raven: the story of Mad Love. In three episodes it captures his “adventure with love, luck, and lies.”

Episode descriptions taken from Marcone’s MySpace page:

Episode 1 is the reason, the realization, the cause and the effect. It’s the catalyst that creates the events to come, and a probe into the mindset of the lover’s quarrel.

“SoulPiano” by Marcone in Episode I

Episode 2 follows the process of moving on while being haunted by past relationships. Ignorance is bliss with substance-induced entertainment and a new companion… but love still lingers in the dark.

[audio:Raven (i) Sweet Angel.mp3]
“Raven (i) Sweet Angel” by Marcone in Episode 2

Episode 3 is the discovery of a new love and the need to come clean. But facing demons is more than she can handle, and only true love will survive.

[audio:Turn The Page.mp3]
“Turn The Page” by Marcone in Episode 3

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