“Chances Are” by Garrett Hedlund

I just downloaded the Country Strong Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. It’s too bad Garrett Hedlund does not have a bigger presence on the album as he was phenomenal in the movie! “Chances Are” is the only song he wrote. The rest of the songs featured in the movie are sung by their original artists on the soundtrack.

Country Strong is not Tim McGraw and Garrett Hedlund’s first duet as they played father and son in Friday Night Lights. From the abusive father in Friday Night Lights to the husband who pushes his wife over the edge in Country Strong, McGraw has a small history of playing the bad guy. Leighton Meester deserves her budding career as a singer. Gweneth is beautiful and she plays wounded, helpless, and hopeless well. However, the star performance goes to Garrett Hedlund.

[audio:Chances Are.mp3]
“Chances Are” by Garrett Hedlund

Country Strong (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - Various Artists

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