“Contamination” by Adam Marsland

The Owl and the Full Moon is the latest from Los Angeles, California-based singer-songwriter and producer, Adam Marsland. It offers ten emotionally revealing pop and soul tunes, the offspring of Marsland’s fertile but fatigued creative mind. The album has begun to reveal itslef as the best and most focused work of Marsland’s career.

Marsland was hiking in Santa Monica on a dark, warm, beautiful night. The moom was huge and an owl flew over his head and perched on a nearby tree. He felt peace and inspiration in that moment and he went home and wrote the music to The Owl and the Full Moon.

“Life isn’t about the crap. That’s the background noise. It’s the beauty in small gestures, the warmth of a friend, the smile of a stranger, the quality of the journey, the great moments… that’s what life’s about,” says Marsland of his recent journey.

[audio:Contamination.mp3|titles=Contamination|artists=Adam Marsland]
“Contamination” by Adam Marsland

The Owl and the Full Moon

Image and mp3 courtesy of Alex Steininger at In Music We Trust PR

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