“Give It Up” by CRSB

Deep-island-rooted duo, CRSB, is made up of cousins Chris Ramos and Sonny B, both songwriters and performers. Their latest single is called “Give It Up” and it can be found on their self-titled album.

Full of lush harmonies and a bumping beat, “Give It Up” is a tenacious love song that speaks to the heart of being infatuated with the one you’re with. It’s all about being wrapped up in someone, finding them irresistible from the moment you meet them, unable to get them out of your mind.

[audio:Give It Up.mp3|titles=Give It Up|artists=CRSB]
“Give It Up” by CRSB

Album Art

mp3 courtesy of Sera Roadnight of M T Press

Image courtesy of CRSB’s twitter Photos and videos