“Quitter” by Karen Dezelle

It’s my pleasure to introduce you to singer-songwriter Karen Dezelle and her new EP Lost and Found. In addition, grab a free download of her track “Quitter” via SoundCloud.

Dezelle’s gypsy-like lifestyle has taken her everywhere from Texas to the Caribbean to London. Her gentle voice and stirring stories have gathered a following. This Los Angeles transplant has played festivals like SXSW and venues like The House Of Blues and Witzend. The EP ventures into highly authentic and honest territory, expanding on her songwriting by diving deeper into charged narratives and sweet lyrical content. It’s a window into her very own heart and soul. With a wide expanse of influences, from Joni Mitchell to Jewel, the EP contains bits and pieces of her past effortlessly scattered throughout the instrumentation; including the banjo, harmonica, mandolin, and organ, to name a few. From tracks about losing love to the bubbly feeling of falling into it, she touches on the very core of human nature and emotion. She infuses her catchy rhythms with a unique style.

[audio:4 Quitter.mp3|titles=Quitter|artists=Karen Dezelle]
“Quitter” by Karen Dezelle

Karen Dezelle

Image and mp3 courtesy of SoundCloud via Sera Roadnight of M T Press

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