“Gold In The Sand” by Andrea (Andie) Sandoval

Pop-rock singer-songwriter, Andrea (Andie) Sandoval, was born and raised in Mexico. She began performing at the age of six. She has been descrived as “Kelly Clarkson meets Taylor Swift, Aretha Franklin and Adele.” She has a strong and soulful vocal, and heartfelt lyrics and melodies to accompany it.

While pursuing studies in fashion, Sandoval kept writing and soon collected over 30 songs in Spanish with a parallel English version. She speaks fluent Spanish, English and French. In 2012, Sandoval left the fashion world and moved to Hollywood, California to start an Associate Degree in Vocal Performance with emphasis in Independent Artist at Musicians Institute. She graduated in spring of 2014.

She is currently working on a solo project with side projects in collaboration with various musicians, songwriters and producers. “Gold In The Sand” is the name of her first single available on iTunes now.

[audio:Gold In The Sand.mp3|titles=Gold In The Sand|artists=Andrea (Andie) Sandoval]
“Gold In The Sand” by Andrea (Andie) Sandoval

Andie Sandoval

Image and mp3 courtesy of Andrea (Andie) Sandoval

“Backs Against the Wall” by Offbeat Motif

Boston, Massachusetts-based outfit Offbeat Motif (OM) released their first self-titled EP on April 17. They recorded tracks for the entire album during one day-long session (11 Hours) back in January with Toft Willingham of national touring act Spiritual Rez at 9B Studio in Milford, Massachusetts.

OM singer and guitarist, John Hanson, has been part of the open mic scene since age 15, and began hosting local open mic’s in 2011. During this time Hanson began forming a group with long-time friends. In May of 2012 Offbeat Motif was officially born. The core group of members is now: John Hanson (vocals and guitar), Connor Quigley (lead guitar, vocals), Ricky Giorgio (drums), and Matthew ‘Gravy’ Giorgio (bass, vocals). Common guests and past musicians of the group are: Mike Mullen (drums, one of the founders), Colon Kirwin (bass, one of our founders), Steve Cerrata (Lead guitar) and Jim Macguire (keys, sax).

Next on the agenda is to begin recording a full length album, featuring 12 brand new songs. They aim to record the whole thing at Hanson’s house studio, and release it in September 2015.

In other news, Hanson is also now a guitarist and songwriter in another band called The Daybreakers. They are in the process of recording their first album in his studio and they are planning to drive across the country on tour in September.

[audio:Backs Against the Wall.mp3|titles=Backs Against the Wall|artists=Offbeat Motif]
“Backs Against the Wall” by Offbeat Motif

Offbeat Motif

Image and mp3 courtesy of John Hanson, singer and guitarist for Offbeat Motif

“Behind The Scenes” by Vinnie Ferra

The new single from Vinnie Ferra called “Behind The Scenes” will be on his new album arc en ciel, scheduled to be released on June 23. The track premiered on Diffuser on May 6. Chuck Armstrong of Diffuser said the track “expertly blends the worlds of indie and folk rock into one cohesive sound.”

Last year, Ferra successfully ran a Kickstarter campaign to record his new album. Fans were given a glimpse of the new album with the single “God Forbid.” The song and video plunges listeners into the struggles of love and relationships. Ferra states that he “wants the listener to leave knowing more about themselves. I hope to help them tap into a part of themselves they maybe spend all day ignoring or suppressing. Join them in that alone time or that moment they are sharing with another. To me, I feel if someone has listened to a song of mine and all they think about at the end is me, then I didn’t do my job properly.”

Known for being an indie-folk artist, Ferra is more composer than singer-songwriter. He writes the lyrics, composes the arrangements, and orchestrates the musicians and parts of these harrowing, yet approachable songs.

[audio:Behind The Scenes.mp3|titles=Behind The Scenes|artists=Vinnie Ferra]
“Behind The Scenes” by Vinnie Ferra

Vinnie Ferra Behind The Scenes

Image and mp3 courtesy of Theresa Montgomery, Partner at 24West

“The Breaks” by Robby Overfield

Stretching his soulful Detroit, Michigan roots all the way to the rocky skyline of Durango, Colorado, singer-songwriter, Robby Overfield, offers an exceptional vocal delivery, along with the personal and relatable art of storytelling.

You can find Robby playing regularly in Durango at 6512′, Derailed, the Office, and Embassy.

Back in 2011, Robby and the Trio (Jesse Ogle on bass and Dave Rodriguez on drums) released a 6-track EP entitled The Breaks. The album is available on itunes, cdbaby, and via Robbie’s website. The latest release — Robby Overfield & The Breaks Live At Fort Lewis College — is also available.

Robby and Jesse produced The Breaks, and it was mixed in Durango by Scott Smith of Scooter’s Place. It was basically recorded in one room in one take minus the harmonies. On the album you hear Robbie’s friends and fellow musicians, Ben Scharf from Oregon on keys, Mary-Elizabeth Holby from Montreal on violin, David Rodriguez on drums, and Zack Jones on saxophone. Robby himself is heard on all vocals and guitar.

[audio:The Breaks.mp3|titles=The Breaks|artists=Robby Overfield]
“The Breaks” by Robby Overfield

Robby Overfield

Image courtesy of Robby Overfield

“Take My Hand” by Crystal Sister

Crystal Sister is the lo-fi, synth-pop project of Los Angeles-based musician and songwriter, Sonya Bender. The self-titled debut EP showcases the songs “Take My Hand”, “Suicide Love”, and “Inside My Heart.” The tracks were produced by Daniel Luttrell (Sky Ferreira & Nikka Costa).

With a wide array of layered vocals, shimmering synths, and fresh, insightful lyrics, Bender takes life’s darker experiences and transforms them into something redemptive and uplifting. Inspired by 90’s slow jams she grew up with, Crystal Sister “rediscovers the intimacy and vulnerability that music can express and the bond that it can create with the listener.”

[audio:Take My Hand.mp3|titles=Take My Hand|artists=Crystal Sister]
“Take My Hand” by Crystal Sister

Crystal Sister Album Art

Image and mp3 courtesy of Jeanne Beck PR via bandcamp.

“Holy Freedom” by Nadine Zureikat

Nadine Zureikat is an indie songstress, pianist and guitarist. She writes and performs in a variety of genres. According to the 24 year old singer-songwriter by night and architect by day, her favorite thing in life is to “write songs that make the audience see what I saw, hear what I heard , and feel what I felt.” As far as she is concerned, life is a song.

A sample of original tracks can be found on soundcloud. The track ” Sweet Escape” will be released via TronTronic Entertainment.

Acoustic original songs can be found here.

[audio:Holy Freedom.mp3|titles=Holy Freedom|artists=Nadine Zureikat]
“Holy Freedom” by Nadine Zureikat

Nadine Zureikat

Image and mp3 courtesy of Nadine Zureikat

“Sunday” by I, Us, & We

California, dream-pop outfit I, Us, & We just released their first single, “Sunday” from their debut EP, Mono.

The song is written, recorded, and mixed by the band. Also co-produced.

‘Sunday’ is a lush synth-driven glide with a nifty modern take on some soft-focus 80s production. Call it chillwave, call it synthwave, call it what you want, it’ll still sooth your soul just as well whichever way.” ~ RECORD REWIND PLAY_ _ _

[audio:Sunday.mp3|titles=Sunday|artists=I Us & We]
Sunday” by I, Us, & We

Mono Album Cover

Image and mp3 courtesy of Evan Doverspike, band-member, I, Us, & We

“Continuum” by Jack Jeffery

Progressive-ambient influenced, Virginia-based artist, Jack Jeffery, recently released his third album, Enlightened Horizon. The album transports the listener through a compelling musical journey of psychedelic, electronic, acoustic, and folk-rock soundscapes.

Jeffery’s earlier releases include 2012’s The Constant That Remains and 2010’s Passage to Agadir.

Have a listen to the track “Continuum” below from his latest release.

[audio:Continuum.mp3|titles=Continuum|artists=Jack Jeffery]
“Continuum” by Jack Jeffery

Jack Jeffery Enlightened Horizon

mp3 courtesy of Jack Jeffery
Image courtesy of Jack Jeffery on facebook

“Black Soul” by Dilated Academy

Experimental-soul singer, Kelvin Godson, from Toronto, Canada (a.k.a Dilated Academy), released a full-length album titled Black Soul Project on December 13, 2014.

You don’t have to know exactly what the artist is saying, all you need is for it to speak to your soul,” says Godson of the single, “Black Soul.” ~ VENTS Magazine

You may have a listen to “Black Soul” below and watch the album’s promotional video via YouTube.

[audio:Black Soul.mp3|titles=Black Soul|artists=Dilated Academy]
“Black Soul” by Dilated Academy

Dilated Academy

mp3 courtesy of Laura Monti and Sophie Bystrup #DilatedAcademy
Image courtesy of SoundCloud

“Helium” by The Gallerist

Folk-rock trio from Philadelphia, The Gallerist, recently released an EP titled Twine. The Gallerist is Mike Collins: vocals, guitars, banjo; Kai Carter: bass, vocals; and John Holback: drums.

They have been described as Philadelphia’s “best kept secret” by WXPN’s The Key. In the past, they have also been compared to the likes of Wilco, Jeff Tweedy, Ryan Adams, Glen Hansard and the Lumineers. Prior to their current release, the trio offered A Falling Waltz in 2011 and opened for such acts as Laura Marling.

Have a listen to “Helium” below and watch its official video via vimeo.

[audio:Helium.mp3|titles=Helium|artists=The Gallerist]
“Helium” by The Gallerist

Gallerist Promo 3 resized

Image and mp3 courtesy of Mike Collins, band member and manager of The Gallerist