"Lolita" by Throw Me The Statue

Moonbeams is the debut album by the five indie-pop artists who make up this band. It’s available on Secretly Canadian records (Bodies of Water, Windsor for the Derby) in LP and CD format. Casey Foubert of Sufjan Stevens helped with the construction of the album. So, again not a real video but you get the idea.


"All Downhill from Here" by Amy Kuney feat. Tim Myers

This is Amy Kuney. She released a debut album in March of 2006 that I never caught wind of. However, she has a new album coming out in August called Birds Eye View and songs from that album have been featured on my guilty pleasure drama “One Tree Hill.” This song, “All Downhill from Here,” played in the opening scene for this week’s episode. Amy also came to Rice University here in Houston last month for a free show. She doesn’t have any real music videos so I’m just gonna give you that opening scene. Here ya’ go…


"Violet Hill" by Coldplay

Here ya’ go… the full official video for Coldplay’s “Violet Hill” from the new album Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends. It’s the first single off that album which will be released on June 12th.


"Warwick Avenue" by Duffy

Here’s another one from Duffy. Rockferry came out last Tuesday, May 13th. It’s a great debut, I’ve been listening for a week and I love it. Lot’s of people think she sounds like Amy Winehouse. I agree, but I think she’s a lot more subtle. She isn’t as bold or aggressive but I think that works for her. It’s an interesting video. All she wants us to see is how true her story is.

"Falling Down" by Scarlett Johansson

I think she’s good. I was waiting for a good YouTube of “Anywhere I Lay My Head” but there’s still just a still frame available and a photo compilation. So, “Falling Down” is the default, but a good one. Anywhere I Lay My Head is the debut studio album by actress Scarlett Johansson, releasing tomorrow, May 20, 2008. It features songs written by Tom Waits.

The Polyphonic Spree

This ensemble includes a 10-person choir, a pair of keyboardists, a percussionist, drummer, bassist, guitarist, flautist, trumpeter, trombonist, violinist/violist, harpist, French horn player, a pedal steel player, theremin player, and an electronic effects person. I stole my information from Wikipedia- do you think I would know what a theremin is? According to my count that’s roughly 25 people. I don’t know this group but a co-worker of mine went to a recent music festival in Norman, Oklahoma where this monstrosity of a band was headlining. I was browsing some bootleg footage of the festival and I stumbled upon a few actual videos…

“We Crawl” is off their third album, The Fragile Army, from 2007.

“Light and Day” is off their debut album, The Beginning Stages of, from 2002. By the way, this group is from Dallas, Texas.

"Get Better" by Mates of State

On Friday Paste Magazine featured this video as its video of the day. I listened to What Doesn’t Kill Us by WMMF all weekend and was loving it. So, I went to Barsuk Records website and read about the new release by this band, Mates of State. Re-Arrange Us comes out May 20th on Barsuk Records.

"The Cycles" by AutoVaughn

Do you know AutoVaughn? I don’t. Well, now I do. A pop/rock four-piece signed to Epic Records. The group has a 6 song EP, The Cycles, to be released on May 9th. Space is the 2005 debut album by the four Indaina born, Nashville raised rockstars.

"Come Undone" by Jackson Waters

This song is about a year old. I just read a little article about the group that triggered my momory so I decided to post this single from thier 2007 debut, Come Undone. It was featured on season 5 of the drama ‘One Tree Hill’ after being sought out by the shows creative team at a Nashville conference.