“A Time For Everything” by Eddie Grey

Singer-songwriter Eddie Grey returned with his beautifully thought provoking new EP, Metamorphoses on September 24, 2013.

The storytelling in Metamorphoses is engaging and inspiring. He is known for his romantic odes to love. On the opening track, “A Time For Everything,” his voice drives the emotion, with a beautiful piano line that drifts beneath him as he croons.

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“A Time For Everything” by Eddie Grey

E Grey

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“September” by Sonali Argade

New York City based singer-songwriter, Sonali Argade, showcased a dynamic mix of sparkling songs in 2012 with her energetic performances and the release of her debut EP, Speechless. The EP served as the introduction to an emerging artist, performer, guitarist and songwriter.

As a multi-instrumentalist, she plays keyboard, drums, bass, and lead guitar. Her music is defined by the accessibility and optimism that mirrors her sunny and upbeat personality.

In fall of 2012, Argade was invited to attend the prestigious Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music, housed in New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. In December 2012, she and her classmates collaborated to create a viral cover of the famous Rihanna song “Diamonds.” The video garnered the attention of Rihanna herself who invited them to her concert in Newark, where she personally admired and congratulated them on their work.

In summer 2013, Sonali released her most mature project to date, the stand-alone single “September.” All sales through iTunes are being donated to the Smile Train organization.

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“September” by Sonali Argade

Sonali Argade

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“For Anyone” by Star Anna

Star Anna‘s latest, Go To Hell (Spark & Shine Records, September 24, 2013), is a dark, haunting collection of songs that capture the essence of betrayal, regret, and hope. Go To Hell delivers melodic, soaring folk-rock with an Americana heart, best described as Americana-soul. Endorsed by Pearl Jam’s Mike McCready, he says, “She is the real deal. She will be a talent that we can all say that we saw her when. Guaranteed.

“For Anyone,” is the fiery opening track — a keyboard-drenched soulful number that seeps melody, but also packs a punch with its deep, rich groove. The album includes a cover of Tom Waits’ “Come On Up to The House.” Other songs (like “Let Me Be”) were co-written with someone that is not in the band, her friend Shane Tutmarc, a Nashville-based singer-songwriter.

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“For Anyone” by Star Anna

Star Anna

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“Vaya” by EdTang & The Chops

New Jersey aggressive folk rock-indie group, EdTang & The Chops, have released a full-length titled Goodbye, Zen5, Sushi Dinner.

Fueled by the honest lyrics and rustic melodies of singer-songwriter EdTang, The Chops bring a gritty indie-rock edge. The band is known for the wild party atmosphere of their energetic live shows.

According to Tang, the album is “An introspective look into the line that separates the dates of a headstone… this is an album about hope, longing, and the waning twilight of youth.

[audio:Vaya.mp3|titles=Vaya|artists=EdTang & The Chops]
“Vaya” by EdTang & The Chops

EdTang & The Chops

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“Quitter” by Karen Dezelle

It’s my pleasure to introduce you to singer-songwriter Karen Dezelle and her new EP Lost and Found. In addition, grab a free download of her track “Quitter” via SoundCloud.

Dezelle’s gypsy-like lifestyle has taken her everywhere from Texas to the Caribbean to London. Her gentle voice and stirring stories have gathered a following. This Los Angeles transplant has played festivals like SXSW and venues like The House Of Blues and Witzend. The EP ventures into highly authentic and honest territory, expanding on her songwriting by diving deeper into charged narratives and sweet lyrical content. It’s a window into her very own heart and soul. With a wide expanse of influences, from Joni Mitchell to Jewel, the EP contains bits and pieces of her past effortlessly scattered throughout the instrumentation; including the banjo, harmonica, mandolin, and organ, to name a few. From tracks about losing love to the bubbly feeling of falling into it, she touches on the very core of human nature and emotion. She infuses her catchy rhythms with a unique style.

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“Quitter” by Karen Dezelle

Karen Dezelle

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“Accelerate” by Courtney Jenaé

Electro/pop vixen, Courtney Jenaé, is announcing the re-release of her catchy single, “Accelerate,” off of her current four-song EP, Uncovered, via the independent record label Wondr Music.

“Accelerate” features catchy electro/pop hooks with rock and dubstep influences sprinkled throughout. Life’s most complicated themes inspire Jenaé’s masterful lyrics and can be equated to love, heartbreak and sex.

Several of her songs have been featured on current hit TV shows and she is in talks with many networks about featuring more of her songs. She’s also talking to some labels about writing for some of their very well-known artists.

Being a singer is in my blood”, says Jenaé. “… I didn’t choose singing, it chose me.

[audio:Accelerate.mp3|titles=Accelerate|artists=Courtney Jenaé]
“Accelerate” by Courtney Jenaé

Courtney Jenae

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“Hey, Doreen” by Lucius

The debut album, Wildewoman, from Brooklyn-based indie-pop band, Lucius, is available now for pre-order and will be released officially on October 15 via Mom + Pop Music. The group is currently a five-piece, featuring the two singers. NoiseTrade describes the band as, “…a triple threat quintet with tight vocal harmonies, stomping percussion and an irresistibly charming and sincere live show.” Lucius Get Noisey features the album-version of fan favorite “Hey, Doreen,” live renditions of songs from the their forthcoming debut, and a track the band wrote exclusively for Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich’s nationally-syndicated WNYC program, Radiolab. You can find the EP on NoiseTrade for free.

On the road front, the band recently toured California and neighbors to the north, Portland and Seattle. The full run of date can be found here.

We are so excited to share this album with you… on wax, in your car, on your phones and most importantly live.” ~ xoxo, Lucius (Jess / Holly / Danny / Andy / Pete)

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“Hey, Doreen” by Lucius


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“Not Into You / A Little Bit in Love” mashup by Side FX

After Side FX‘s 2008 debut album, Contradictions, music bloggers and multiple radio stations across the country sung their praises. Eventually, American Airlines picked up three singles for their in-flight radio. Their second installment, Turning Point, donned stellar production from hit making producers and snagged a position on the College Music Journal charts. Their third album, The Blond Side, leaned more toward the mainstream genre.

The most recent double single EP, Still Spinning, is now available on iTunes. The first track “A Little Bit in Love,” is carried by the airy and sensual tone of front lady, Kim Cameron. The second cut “Not Into You,” is a pleasant departure and contrary from the first single as it speaks to the feeling of not pursuing someone. In addition, the EP contains a mashup of both tracks.

[audio:Not Into You : A Little Bit in Love (mashup).mp3|titles=Not Into You / A Little Bit in Love (mashup)|artists=Side FX]
“Not Into You / A Little Bit in Love” mashup by Side FX


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“Outlaw” by The O’s

Born out of Dallas, Texas’ rich music scene, The O’s deliver a melodic, catchy pop sound, achieved with folk-minded acoustic instrumentation, drawing influences from the modern and traditional Americana scenes. Comprised of Taylor Young (acoustic guitar, kick drum) and John Pedigo (banjo), the duo had spent time in numerous Dallas bands, including Polyphonic Spree, before coming together in 2008 to form The O’s.

They released a debut in 2009 titled We Are The O’s, and a follow-up in 2011 titled Between The Two. The latest, Thunderdog, was released on July 23, 2013.

Thunderdog was recorded at the famed Sonic Ranch in Tornillo, Texas, just along the Mexican border near El Paso. Sonic Ranch is a state-of-the-art, top-notch studio where the band could stay on-site and record without distractions. The band felt the environment would provide them a chance to get more creative and break out of their standard mold.

Expanding on their banjo-driven style, the band stays true to themselves, while experimenting and pushing the envelope.

[audio:Outlaw.mp3|titles=Outlaw|artists=The O’s]
“Outlaw” by The O’s

Thunderdog Cover Art

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“Life Goes On” by Lily

Born in England, part-Irish, part-Welsh singer/songwriter, Lily, is pleased to present her new album, Life of Lily.

Her first single “Life Goes On” is an empowering, radio friendly battle-cry to let go of the little things that can get you down. Her innocent delivery and quirky spirit imbues the entire album — to be released on November 5, 2013.

As a songstress, Lily has the ability to put an indelible stamp of originality on her sound. She delivers folk-pop with a splash of Celtic spirit and, like another well known Brit with the same first name, her vocal contains a cockney accent over retro productions, sweetened with the layering of 50’s girl group harmonies.

[audio:Life Goes On.mp3|titles=Life Goes On|artists=Lily]
“Life Goes On” by Lily

Lily 1

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