"Don’t Forget Sister" by Low vs. Diamond

Here is another one from Low vs. Diamond. I’m kicking myself for not seeing them on David Letterman on Tuesday night. I even had it on my calendar. You see Tuesday just happened to be my one night off of work and also the first time I was able to sleep for more than two or three hours between jobs. So, I missed it because I simply fell asleep. 


“Orphans” by Beck feat. Cat Power

So, I worked for 14 hours on Saturday. I went in at 10am and didn’t leave until 12:30am. I ate half a sushi roll all day long and only took a 15 minute break. On that break I chose to buy a CD. I had a hard time making the purchase because I thought to myself– why would I work all day long just to spend it on something I don’t need? But then I remembered why I got a second job in the first place. It was, more or less, because I wanted to be able to fund my music addiction without feeling guilty for not being able to afford it. Yes, I still buy CDs and LPs and EPs, most online but sometimes I wait until CDs hit the stores.

Anyway, I bought Beck’s new album, Modern Guilt. It was released on July 8, 2008. Two songs are collaborations with Cat Power, the stage name for singer/songwriter Charlyn Marshall. This song is one of those collaborations.


"All Alright" by Sigur Rós

Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust, translated in English as With a Buzz in Our Ears We Play Endlessly, is the fifth album by Islandic band Sigur Rós. Released June 23, 2008 this album contains the band’s first English track “All Alright.”

And, just because these are the coolest and cutest old people ever I wanted to share “Hoppípolla” off their fourth album, Takk… from 2005.

"I’ll Cry For the Both Of Us" by Jessie Baylin

The debut album Fireside by California based singer-songwriter Jessie Baylin is now available on itunes and in stores. Please visit her website and listen to the tracks because the YouTube I found does not do her justice. I have seen her live in Austin and she is delightful and relaxing. She reminds me of Norah Jones and after reading her bio today I realized why that is. Her album was produced by Jesse Harris who is best known for his writing and guitar playing for Norah Jones’ album Come Away with Me.


"Not My Time" by Three Doors Down

“Not My Time” is the first single from the May 20th release of the bands fifth studio album. It’s been played on the radio since February and I realized this morning on my way to work that when it comes on I never flip the station. That means it’s a good one in my book. So, I decided then that this was going to be my post for the day.


"Something Good This Way Comes" by Jakob Dylan

Jakob Dylan is the fourth son of Bob Dylan, the former lead-singer of the rock band The Wallflowers, and more recently a solo artist with the release of his 10 track debut, Seeing Things. “Something Good This Way Comes” was released in April as a single. I posted this song last month as a clip from his David Letterman performance but now here is the video.

And, I can’t resist posting an old Wallflowers song. Remember this grammy winning number, “One Headlight.”


"Going North" by Missy Higgins

I have just returned from my ten day 4th of July vacation. Ten days is a long time but it went fast. I was back in my home state of Michigan at Higgins Lake with my family. Contrary to what some of you Texans think, it does not snow in Michigan in the middle of July. The weather was beautiful. Anyway, I was without internet access for over a week, thus my lack of postings. Today I thought I would put up one with a fitting song title, “Going North” off Missy Higgins’ 2007 album, On A Clear Night. A nice little acoustic number for you.



Also, here’s Kid Rock’s, “All Summer Long” from his 2007 album, Rock N Roll Jesus. Sorry, I just had to use it because it refers to summertime in northern Michigan. And, this is what I was doing all last week; boating, wakeboarding, skiing…ok, I’ll stop bragging now. It’s just been so long since I had a vacation.