"Sultan" by What Made Milwaukee Famous

Wednesday May 7th, next week, I will be going to Warehouse Live to see The Whigs with What Made Milwaukee Famous. In light of that I thought I would post one from the secon album by What Made Milwaukee Famous. This is “Sultan” from the March 4, 2008 released album, What Doesn’t Kill Us. These guys have released both thier albums on Barsuk Records which also currently have Nada Surf, Rilo Kiley, and Rocky Votolato to name a few.

"World Spins Madly On" by The Weepies

I cannot find the new single, “Hideaway,” by The Weepies on YouTube or anywhere else. So, for now enjoy this one from the soundtrack to the movie “Because I Said So” and I’ll keep lookin’.

"I’m In Love With A Girl" by Gavid DeGraw

Gavin DeGraw is finally back. It’s about time! I’ve been waiting for this one to be released and, after five years since his first album, the waiting is almost up. This sophomore album, I’m In Love With a Girl, hits stores next Tuesday, May 6th. Have a listen to the newest single.

"Mr. Maker" by The Kooks

This is my favorite song on the new album, Konk, which was officially released on April 14th. I say ‘officially’ because it leaked on the internet about a month before that. I got the double disc version featuring a second CD, entitled RAK. RAK has seven additional new songs and a different version of the album track “See the Sun.” So, I’ve said before that I don’t like posting bootlegs but again I made an exception. This is them live at the Troubadour in LA early February…

"Blame It On Gravity" by the Old 97’s

Sorry, I’ve been away for a while. The thing is, I don’t have enough people who look at my blog. I need a mailing list, I may switch to WordPress if I can figure it out. Anyway, I return with a bang. The Old 97’s will release their latest album Blame It On Gravity May 13 on New West Records. Band members Rhett Miller, Murry Hammond, Ken Bethea, and Philip Peeples return to their hometown of Dallas. I didn’t know they were Texans! Without furture ado, this little video is a ‘Behind the album’ compilation.

"Love Don’t Live Here" by Lady Antebellum

Ok, I know ya’ll love it when I go country! So, here’s one from the trio Lady Antebellum. This is the second single from the April 15th self-titled debut release. Charles Kelley kinda looks like Josh Turner. Remember singer-songwriter Josh Kelley, married to Grey’s Anatomy’s Katherine Heigl? Yeah, Charles is actually Josh’s younger brother. While I’m at it, the other guy, Dave Haywood, kinda looks like Ringo. Maybe it’s just the beard and sunglasses.

"Gravedigger" by Willie Nelson

Did you know that Willie Nelson has his own version of “Gravedigger”? You did? Where have I been? He released his latest album, Moment of Forever, on January 29th and this is one of the tracks. This is, of course, a cover of the song on Dave Matthews solo debut album, Some Devil, from 2003. If ya’ haven’t seen it here it is by old Mr. Willie Nelson. The guy is not gettin’ any younger.

"The Age of the Understatement" by The Last Shadow Puppets

The Age Of The Understatement is the debut album by The Last Shadow Puppets, featuring Alex Turner of Arctic Monkeys and Miles Kane of The Rascals. It will be released on April 21st. The first single, also called “The Age of the Understatement,” was released Today! These guys look like brothers, and also like Beatles.

Meet Low vs Diamond

Yes, finally an awesome studio video with low vs diamond!! A little bit of “Heart Attack,” a little bit of “This Is Your Life,” a little bit of “Killer B,” plus some words from lead singer and guitarist, Lucas Field.

Ironically, after posting this today I had to log back in and make this edit to add that I just received the EP LP I’ve been waiting for. The 7″ limited edition that I ordered back in January finally arrived. Yes! Now go and become incredibly famous guys and make me rich one day because I have your first release ever from the UK!

"The Step And The Walk" by The Duke Spirit

Today’s post is The Duke Spirit. I just bought their second album,Neptune. It came out early February but I had just started listening to thier Freshman album, Cuts Across the Land, and thought I should give it some listening to before proceeding to the next. A friend of mine just accepted a job in marketing with Shangri-La Music, which is the indie label that has this band. She said there are only 10 people at the company. Good Luck and Congratulations Lindsey!