We Become The Hunted EP by Larcenist

On March 29th, the Boston-based band Larcenist released their latest album, We Become The Hunted EP.

The acoustic beauty and seamless string integration of the first song transitions smoothly into the folk-twang that succeeds ahead. The later maintains a precise amount of associated percussion over its accent. Furthermore, there are hints of a gentle, raindrop-like piano (“Morte Lena”) and distant, bluegrass-sounding harmony vocals (“Ocean City, Swallowing”). Lyrically, We Become The Hunted EP is insightfull and lightly witty. For instance, in “Proud Life”, we are warned of the “barstools swallowing paychecks”.

The EP is available for free download on the Larcenist band camp page. It is also available at shows in CD format.

Image courtesy of the Larcenist tumbler page.

[audio:Leon.mp3, Ocean City Swallowing.mp3, Morte Lenta.mp3, Proud Life.mp3, Last Hours of Being Young.mp3|titles=Leon, Ocean City Swallowing, Morte Lenta, Proud Life, Last Hours of Being Young|artists=Larcenist, Larcenist, Larcenist, Larcenist, Larcenist]

mp3s courtesy of Brandon from Larcenist.


Ocean City, Swallowing
Morte Lenta
Proud Life
Last Hours of Being Young

Wasting Daylight EP by Samuel Gregg

Samuel Gregg is a Nashville based singer-songwriter. Gregg juggles two gigs in Nashville as he is also part of the band Andrew Belle. The three song EP Wasting Daylight is his first solo release.

Image courtesy of Samual Gregg’s official site.

[audio:Livin’ Ain’t Livin’.mp3, Wasting Daylight.mp3|titles=Livin’ Ain’t Livin’, Wasting Daylight|artists=Samuel Gregg]

“Livin’ Ain’t Livin'” by Samuel Gregg
“Wasting Daylight” by Samuel Gregg

mp3s courtesy of iTunes.

Wasting Daylight - EP - Samuel Gregg

“Death” by Afterlife Parade

A truth that many of us will one day accept, if we have not already, is that we cannot escape death. Afterlife Parade hark back this reality in the introduction of their new February release, an EP called Death. With the phrase “can’t run, can’t hide, the light is gonna come for you”, the Nashville-based band combines certainty and hope in a modestly accompanied repetition. With the Easter holiday recently behind us, we are reminded that the later part is the one to command our focus—the light that brings hope and rebirth.

As the introduction moves fluidly into the title track, the momentum increases and heavier drum participation exudes. “Death” has the same message to offer as we are told that “there’s just nowhere to go” and “there’s just nowhere to hide”. Also presented is the idea that our physical bodies are on loan and not our own to keep. With a leading guitar and a built up vocal, “Death” is the rock tribute of the album.

Interestingly, still on the subject of death, “Arrows Fly” reminds me of one of my favorite Wallflowers songs, “God Says Nothing Back”. It is not the message that brought this comparison to light, as the meaning in each song is very different. It is the gentle strings paired with a storyteller’s poignant lyrics.

Other songs move in the direction of sweet, yet morose piano-based homages to love. Forecasting the negative outcomes on our nation as it ages, Afterlife Parade uncovers one ever-lasting element. Love. As indicated by the song title “Nothing but Love Can Stay”, they make the case that the strength and endurance of love is greater than anything else. While Florida may end up under water and the east coast may become a torn out page in history, love will prevail against all natural disasters. Furthermore, love is simple and free.

The album as a whole is wonderfully and beautifully made. It provides optimism in light of our otherwise daunting and uncertain fate. In addition, it is captivating and emotional in its delivery. As it is the first part of a two-part concept album, I look forward to its Rebirth companion. I can only imagine that its cohort will display even more tender truth and beauty.

Image courtesy of Bandcamp.

[audio:Fate: An Introduction.mp3, Death.mp3, Nothing But Love Can Stay.mp3, Arrows Fly.mp3, Simple.mp3, Afterlife Parade.mp3|titles=Fate: An Introduction, Death, Nothing But Love Can Stay, Arrows Fly, Simple, Afterlife Parade|artists=Afterlife Parade]


Fate: An Introduction
Nothing But Love Can Stay
Arrows Fly
Afterlife Parade

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“Annabelle Lee” by Sarah Jarosz

As a follow-up to her debut album, Song Up In Her Head, Sarah Jarosz will release Follow Me Down in late May, 2011. As a multi-instrumental bluegrass talent, Sarah accompanies herself with the octave mandolin, the mandolin, the guitar, and the banjo.

A two-song mini-release titled The New 45 is also available, featuring a previously unreleased crowd favorite “Grandma’s Hands” (Bill Withers) and a Jarosz original “My Muse”.

Image courtesy of BluegrassJournal.com: the latest in bluegrass music news.

[audio:Annabelle Lee.mp3|titles=Annabelle Lee|artists=Sarah Jarosz]
“Annabelle Lee” by Sarah Jarosz

mp3 courtesy of Sarah Joarosz’s official site. Download your free mp3 here.

“Suicide Policeman” by Yuck

Tonight I bring you a track by a young UK band called Yuck. They performed for NPR at SXSW this year and they have a self-titled album out on Fat Possum Records/Mercury Records.

Image courtesy of Guitar Planet: Land on the 6 String World.

[audio:Suicide Policeman.mp3|titles=Suicide Policeman|artists=Yuck]
“Suicide Policeman” by Yuck

mp3 courtesy of Daytrotter. Download your Yuck Daytrotter Session here!

“Stuck in the Middle” by GRO

Green River Ordinance recently released an EP of covers of their favorite songs from before they were born. Appropriately, it is titled “Songs We Like From Before We Were Born.” The EP is available exclusively through GRO’s Bandcamp page.

“Landfill” by Daughter

Grab your free download of “Landfill” by Elena Tonra (aka. Daughter) from Direct Current. The track is from her EP, His Young Heart.

“Landfill” by Daughter

Image and mp3 courtesy of Direct Current.

“Wire” by Alessi’s Ark

In April Alessi’s Ark will release the follow up to Notes From The Treehouse through Bella Union with her new record, Time Travel.

The first release from the new album is the song “Wire”.

Image courtesy of Alessi’s Ark’s Artist page on Bella Union.

[audio:Wire.mp3|titles=Wire|artists=Alessi’s Ark]
“Wire” by Alessi’s Ark

mp3 courtesy of Bella Union Soundcloud.

“My Little Girl in Tennessee” by Chris Thile and Michael Daves

Mandolinist Chris Thile and guitarist Michael Daves will release an album of sixteen cover songs by bluegrass icons. It is called Sleep with One Eye Open and it will be available on Nonesuch Records on May 10th.

You may pre-order it from the Punch Brothers’ websites. First, listen to the single “My Little Girl in Tennessee” and download it below for free.

[audio:My Little Girl in Tennessee.mp3|titles=My Little Girl in Tennessee|artists=Chris Thile and Michael Daves]
“My Little Girl in Tennessee” by Chris Thile and Michael Daves

Image courtesy of the BLUEGRASS BLOG.