“Say Goodbye” by Arc & Stones

Arc & Stones are a New York rock/blues group with sleekness and soul. They are currently gigging heavily in the NYC circuit and promoting their new music video for “Silence.” Their self-titled EP is due for release on February 12, 2013. The EP was produced and mixed by established producer Jeremy Griffith at Singing Serpent Studios in the heart of NYC. Each of the five songs display distinctive attributes of the band. From loud anthems to intimate ballads, the EP showcases a recognizable yet progressive sound. Already, the young twenty-something band members have graced the stage at major venues such as the Bowery Electric, Arlene’s Grocery, the Red Lion and the Bitter End. Stream tracks from the album on SoundCloud.

Band members include Dan Pellarin on lead vocals, rhythm guitar, keys; Ben Cramer on lead guitar, vocals; Eddy Bayes on bass, vocals; Joe Doino on Drums.

[audio:Say Goodbye.mp3|titles=Say Goodbye|artists=Arc & Stones]
“Say Goodbye” by Arc & Stones

Arc and Stones 4

Image and mp3 courtesy of Liz LeGear, Independent Music Promotions

“One and the Same” by Clap for Daylight

Altanta-based four member outfit, Clap for Daylight, has released a new EP titled Fire Escape.

Fans of Clap for Daylight have described their sound as a cross between OK Go and Radiohead with a dash of Jeff Buckley. After playing around the southeast for the last couple of years supporting their debut album Break Even, they teamed up with producer Matt Goldman (Glow in the Dark Studios, Atlanta) and pushed their sound to the next level with Fire Escape.

Have a listen to the track “One and the Same.” The whole album is available on SoundCloud. The EP is also available on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify.

[audio:One and the Same.mp3|titles=One and the Same|artists=Clap for Daylight]
“One and the Same” by Clap for Daylight

mp3 courtesy of Greg Vilines, lead singer and guitarist of Clap for Daylight.

Clap for Daylight

Image courtesy of the band’s Facebook photos

“Losing Sleep” by Sink Swim

Sink Swim is a fresh and emerging Los Angeles-based trio made up of Dane Petersen, Jake Lopez and Corey Backer. The band’s debut 5-song EP, ELEMENTS is their most current musical endeavor.

With down-tuned guitars and gut-wrenching vocals, a clever blend of pop and punk drives the hard-hitting songs.

[audio:Losing Sleep.mp3|titles=Losing Sleep|artists=Sink Swim]
“Losing Sleep” by Sink Swim

mp3 courtesy of Amanda Blide of LaFamos PR & Branding

Image courtesy of Sink Swim’s Facebook cover photo album.

“Born & Raised” by Larcenist

Larcenist tunes are downtrodden anthems that combine elements of folk, country, soul, and rock. They tell stories of small town heroes, blue-collar ethics, and the decay of once industrious cities.

The band’s newest album, Eager City, Patient Country, will be released on Tuesday, January 22. Have a listen to the track “Born & Raised.”

[audio:Born & Raised.mp3|titles=Born & Raised|artists=Larcenist]
“Born & Raised” by Larcenist

mp3 courtesy of Brandon Mastrangelo, guitar and vocals for Larcenist.


Image courtesy of SoundCloud

“Pictures of You” by Monte Pittman

Last year, I covered Monte Pittman‘s new album, Pain, Love & Destiny. Since the album release, Pittman has been busy touring. In addition, he just released a new album/EP titled M.P.3: The Power of Three, Pt. 1. As its title implies, it’s the first of three parts. The first part is all acoustic, the second will be metal, and the third will be blues. It was recorded in one day in Copenhagen with Grammy Award-winning engineer Flemming Rasmussen.

Please have a listen to the acoustic track “Pictures of You” below.

[audio:Pictures of You.mp3|titles=Pictures of You|artists=Monte Pittman]
“Pictures of You” by Monte Pittman

Image courtesy of Pittman’s EPK provided by Steven Le Vine, Founder, CEO and President of Grapevine PR

“Higher Ground” by Tuac

KPI Recording artist, Tuac, brought his spirited and uplifting soul sound to the streets with his debut EP, Higher Ground, on November 6th, 2012. The Brooklyn native’s first EP has been ten years in the making. His rough and ready vocal style has drawn comparisons to soul great Sam Cook and a social conscious more in line with the likes of Marvin Gaye. This EP is a must listen for fans of classic soul and mainstream R&B, looking for music with a message.

Feel free to stream the title track “Higher Ground” via SoundCloud.

Prior to going alone, Tuac spent years performing open mics and busking on the NYC subway. He then enjoyed collaborations with artists like The Roots, Citizen Cope, Common and Wu Tang Clan.

Tuac’s heartfelt delivery drips like honey over every melodic lift of the feel-good, hopeful Jackson Five style groove. ~ MT Press

[audio:Higher Ground.mp3|titles=Higher Ground|artists=Tuac]
“Higher Ground” by Tuac

Image courtsy of examiner.com
Artist information shared by Sera Roadnight of MT Press

“Beta Love” by Ra Ra Riot

Ra Ra Riot has experienced constant change in its six-year existence, but the band’s sound has never shifted as radically as it does on its new album, Beta Love, which comes out January 22, 3013 on Barsuk Records. With the departure of cellist Alexandra Lawn (so sad), they dial down the string arrangements in favor of a more synth-driven sound.

Download the “Beta Love” single from NPR for FREE.

[audio:Beta Love.mp3|titles=Beta Love|artists=Ra Ra Riot]
“Beta Love” by Ra Ra Riot