“Give It Up” by CRSB

Deep-island-rooted duo, CRSB, is made up of cousins Chris Ramos and Sonny B, both songwriters and performers. Their latest single is called “Give It Up” and it can be found on their self-titled album.

Full of lush harmonies and a bumping beat, “Give It Up” is a tenacious love song that speaks to the heart of being infatuated with the one you’re with. It’s all about being wrapped up in someone, finding them irresistible from the moment you meet them, unable to get them out of your mind.

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“Give It Up” by CRSB

Album Art

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“Supersonic (Feat. Julien Brasart)” by Dynasty Electric

Fronted by the powerful and seductive vocals (and theremin) of Jenny Electrik, Dynasty Electric is a Brooklyn-based blend of electro pop and psychedelic folk. They independently released their album, Golden Arrows, in May 2011. British music news outlet NME named the album’s track “Radiation” one of their “Top MP3 Downloads.”

In the summer of 2011, Dynasty Electric released a single “Electric Love” (with guest drummer Brian Chase from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs), and signed with Brooklyn-based label No Shame. Their self-titled album was released in May 2012.

In 2013, Dynasty Electric launched their own media label and events company — NewSonic. NewSonic is known for it’s diverse scene of extraordinary musicians, visual artists, and visionaries.

A new release from Dynasty Electric is due out this Fall.

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“Supersonic (Feat. Julien Brasart)” by Dynasty Electric

Dynasty Electric

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“Above the Norm” by Aaron Childree

Pop singer/songwriter, Aaron Childree, combines a hopeful message, memorable melodies, and an infectious beat. His music has the ability to take you to a place long abandoned by many of today’s popular musicians — a place where poetic lyrics can be set to catchy melodies and pop music can be a meaningful way to unify and inspire.

Currently based in Atlanta, Georgia, Childree has built up a hefty following. He is known for his exceptionally produced YouTube videos of current cover songs as well as several of his own original productions.

Childree’s first single, “Better Than Walking Away” off of his debut EP, was chosen as a finalist in the 2010 International Songwriting Competition, and his song “One Way Street” was a finalist in the 2011 Next Movie Classic song contest.

This year, Childree released an album called Above the Norm. Have a listen to the title track.

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“Above the Norm” by Aaron Childree

Above the Norm

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“Adopted” by The Slants

Nestled in Portland, Oregon’s predominately white and hipster culture is all-Asian American dance rock band, The Slants. The Slants took their influence from grabbing onto the corners of foundational 80s synth-pop music and blending it with modern dance rock sensibilities. They call this amalgamation of contagious, energetic, and danceable music “Chinatown Dance Rock.”

Their third full-length release, The Yellow Album, explores the dichotomy between darker undertones and the thrills of new love.

The Yellow Album could be a natural progression from either 2010’s Pageantry or their 2007 debut Slanted Eyes, Slanted Hearts. Musically, it draws from the wider synthesizer driven palette of the first album while retaining the harder hitting rock sounds of the second. The lyrics explore the personal lives and experiences of the members of the band.

Frontman Aron Moxley’s life began with abandonment. He explains, “I was one of the babies born in Saigon during the Vietnam War. I’ll never know my real birthday, let alone find out who my mother is or know if she’s still alive.” The song “Adopted” illustrates Moxley confronting these feelings, which have plagued him for so long.

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“Adopted” by The Slants


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“Half Your Heart” by Sonnet

Sonnet Simmon, a.k.a. Sonnet, has a fresh new look and sound that is gaining attention with her new soulful pop-infused single “Half Your Heart.” Sonnet delivers a fresh perspective of pop, illuminated with pulsating electronic beats and themes that connect across emotional lines and frame her eight-song self-titled debut. The album was released on September 25. On the album, she incorporates traces of some of her greatest inspirations — Joni Mitchell, Ella Fitzgerald and Ani Difranco.

Throughout her childhood, Sonnet lived a gypsy-like lifestyle with her mother and sister, travelling around Europe and Asia. Born in Greece, she eventually travelled from Switzerland to India with various stops in between. During her nomadic adventures music was her solace, her rhythmical soul mate. She attended Hamilton Music Academy of Music (a performing arts high school in LA) and also received a Jazz Voice degree from UCLA.

Be sure to check out the video.

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“Half Your Heart” by Sonnet


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“Amelia” by The Boston Boys

Electrified bluegrass/folk rock group The Boston Boys, who formed as a quartet while attending the Berklee School of Music in Boston, Massachusetts in 2009, released their second EP, Keep You Satisfied on October 8, 2013. The EP can be streamed from Bandcamp.

Plus, a visual teaser for their song “Hypnotized” is on Youtube. In addition, their new live video for “Amelia” can be viewed here.

The Boston Boys harness bone-shaking grooves, sing soulful melodies, and melt the genres of soul, rock, jazz, americana, blues, and pop into a fine example of captivating, modern American music. This music is called Future Roots because it is fresh and original, while expressly building upon great musical tradition. Eric Robertson/mandolin, guitar, vocals; Duncan Wickel/fiddle, vocals; Josh Hari/bass, vocals; Nicholas Falk/drums, percussion, vocals.

[audio:Amelia.mp3|titles=Amelia|artists=The Boston Boys]
“Amelia” by The Boston Boys

The Boston Boys 4 by Shervin Lainez

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