“This Way” by Lyn Saga

Lyn Saga‘s first full-length album, Venice, was released on January 13. M T Press is offering up a free download of her single “This Way” via SoundCloud.

With classical training in music theory, jazz guitar and classical guitar, Saga began writing and performing at an early age. Her tracks showcase memorable melodies that are paired with hard snare hits and crunchy distortion. She has a talent for weaving intricate stories into every track — from real life experiences to anecdotal childhood beliefs.

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“This Way” by Lyn Saga

Lyn Saga

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“Summer Fling” by Laura Saggers

British folk/pop artist, Laura Saggers, recently released her two-song EP featuring the cheeky sing-along hit, “Summer Fling.”

The recipient of a music business degree from the Academy of Contemporary Music (UK), Laura formed and fronted heavy rock band, Sennah, for four years before beginning to write her own solo album. Compared to stars like Lenka and Regina Spektor, the singer’s prolific ability to connect to her audience has been witnessed on stage at venues such as The Viper Room, Hard Rock CafĂ© and the GuilFest (UK) among others. Her track record includes opening for bands such as Bowling for Soup, Wheatus and The Blackout.

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“Summer Fling” by Laura Saggers

Summer Fling

Image and mp3 courtesy of Saggers’ publicist, Amanda Blide of LaFamos PR and Branding

“Out The Airlock” by Paul Dempsey

Paul Dempsey, is known to most as the singer, guitarist and principal songwriter of the highly successful Australian band, Something for Kate.

In August 2009, Dempsey relesaed his first solo album, titled Everything is True. After completing numerous sold out Australian national tours and a wide selection of festivals, Paul then toured in the US, Germany and the UK. Below please have a listen to “Out The Airlock” from his solo album.

Something for Kate’s brand new Miracle Cure EP has been released worldwide via iTunes. The EP features the band’s brand new cover of The Divinyls classic, “Pleasure & Pain”, plus a beautiful acoustic version of “Impossible”, from the band’s Desert Lights album. Something for Kate’s latest album Leave Your Soul to Science is also available globally.

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“Out The Airlock” by Paul Dempsey


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“Someone Like Me” by Troy Harley

The 2012 Vans Warped Tour introduced Russian artist Troy Harley. At the end of October, he got the opportunity to open for Nickelback on the Here and Now World Tour. Harley’s first album is slated for release early this year. He is currently working with JK Music Group and Grammy award winning producer, Randy Jackson.

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“Someone Like Me” by Troy Harley


Image and mp3 courtesy of Dan Moyer Jr., representing Troy Harley

“Up To Something” by Shotgun Honeymoon

The Culmination EP, the latest from Los Angeles, California-based acoustic-pop-rock singer-songwriter Eric Mellgren (aka Shotgun Honeymoon), is just that, the culmination of a lot of hard work following up Shotgun Honeymoon’s 2007 debut, Forgone Conclusion.

Born in Lexington, Kentucky, but picking up the guitar in his college days at Florida State University, Shotgun Honeymoon played throughout Florida, honing his craft during college, often times supporting his high-school music teacher’s band. Getting an itch to take music more seriously, Shotgun Honeymoon moved to Los Angeles, got a job at a major record label, and began working in the industry. All the while writing songs that would become Forgone Conclusion.

The Culmination EP, delivers a five-track collection of songs that find the songsmith further exploring the sounds he created on the debut, while also being more adventurous with the assistance of his backing band. Shotgun Honeymoon shows growth both lyrically and musically from Forgone Conclusion, without losing the loving, and passionate vibes that made his debut a warming, soothing collection of acoustic pop.

You may watch the official video for the track “Up to Something” on YouTube.

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“Up To Something” by Shotgun Honeymoon


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“Love and Adoration” by Barry Brusseau

Portland, Oregon-based singer-songwriter Barry Brusseau spent twenty years playing everything from metal to hardcore punk, with fifteen of those years spent touring in the pop-punk band The Jimmies, before they eventually disbanded.

That journey lead to Brusseau’s complete one-eighty with the release of his debut solo album, A Night Goes Through, released exclusively on vinyl and digitally. Now, he has returned with his sophomore full-length, folk-based The Royal Violent Birds.

Brusseau went to Jackpot! Studios to work with Larry Crane. Larry recorded some of Brusseau’s old punk material and his resume is full of great projects, including Sleatery- Kinney, Quasi, Elliot Smith, and Tape Op Magazine. Guest musicians for Brusseau’s new record include his brother Tim Ward, Tyler Tornfelt on bass, Aubrey Webber on cello, and jazz horn player Michael Paul.

Watch the making of the special edition canvas vinyl on YouTube.

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“Love and Adoration” by Barry Brusseau

Vinyl Image

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