"You Can’t Count On Me" by Counting Crows

The Counting Crows are back on the map with their new March 25th release, Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings. Saturday night represents loneliness. Loneliness that accompanies a night of enjoyment and companionship. Accordingly, Sunday morning is the hung-over regret and realization.

“This Is Twice Now” by Lydia

Illuminate is the sophomore album by indie rock band, Lydia. This track is the first single. The album, released March 18th, can be found on itunes. I plan on seeing them in concert April 13th at the Meridain here in Houston. 8pm if you want to check it out.


Picture and mp3 courtesy of musicaddiction, as found on Hype Machine.

"A-Punk" by Vampire Weekend

As long as I’m talking about bands I missed, I have to include this one. This is the song I heard them playing from outside waiting in line to get in.

"Only Fooling Myself" by Kate Voegele

Here’s someone I wanted to see at SXSW but I missed her. Anyone familiar with the show One Tree Hill? It does a great job promoting new music. Right now they have Kate playing Mia, a young new talent signed to another characters new independent music lable.

“Dry Town” by Miranda Lambert

So, you’ll never guess what I did the very next day after SXSW. Oh yes, I went to a concert. Miranda Lambert at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. I know what you’re thinking, but yes, I do like pop country. Besides, Miranda can rock. She does more head banging than anyone I’ve ever seen in concert. I’ve seen her three times and there is one thing she always does. She will throw her hot pick electric guitar aggressively across the stage. Obviously to someone who is there to catch it, but still, it’s cool. The first time I saw her she had a big tattoo down the inside of her forearm that you could see when she played. Similar to the one Keith Urban has. The second time I saw her it was gone. She faked it. It was a stencil or something. This time she brought Blake Shelton on-stage to do their duet together. He said, “are you talkin’ or am I doin’ the introduction?” She replied, “Well, I was just gonna say he’s pretty cute ain’t he girls?” When the song ended she introduced him as her boyfriend and gave him a big smooch on-stage. Awww.

“Rich Girls” by The Virgins

This was the last band I saw at SXSW. The very end of two 18 hour days of underground rock band performances. As my back-up to not getting in to see British Sea Power, these guys were great. I didn’t understand the crowd though. I think I was missing something. It was at the same bad venue where they stuck Low vs. Diamond (The Wave) and the fans were mosh pitting. I felt like the only one who didn’t know who The Virgins were. Then again it may have been the very very end of a full week of rockin’ out and a few too many drinks.

The Virgins

“Life After Love” by Low vs Diamond

Sorry, no video on this one. Don’t worry I didn’t leave ya hangin.’ Click below and listen to “Life After Love.” I added a widget. A what? Like I said, I’m new at this. I think this is my new favorite band. I’ll get a video up ASAP, I promise.

For their set at SXSW they stuck ’em in a crummy, and very small, venue where their sound cut out. It’s okay guys, I still love you. I tried ordering a limited edition LP from hmv.com but it’s still on special order from the supplier. I don’t think it’s coming. I may just have to wait until the Album April first on itunes, don’t miss it!

Low vs. Diamond

Picture taken at Bowery Ballroom in NYC courtesy of SML’s photostream on Flickr

"Broken" by Tift Merritt

Back at the Parish in Austin, I saw Tift Merritt perform tracks from Another Country released February 26th. The last time I saw her was at Warehouse Live in Houston opening for Nickel Creek on their ‘Farewell For Now Tour.’