“Old Rusty Tavern” and other tracks by Robby Overfield

I’m a sucker for acoustic ballads. I love the poetry of their words and the story within their poetry. Embellished or straight-forward, they are usually those based-on-a-real-experience narratives.

Robby Overfield has a tell-tale approach accompanied by a voice full of reminiscent emotion. He reminds me of the soulful folk-lyricist Amos Lee.

“Old Rusty Tavern” recounts a typical night at a usual venue. The night, however, becomes memorable because of an unusual visitor. She’s not someone whom the regulars and the locals are used to seeing in their dive. But the “smoky old room” with the “dusty dim lights” whiffs of the “ghosts who shared the very same seats before”. Chances are, she’s not really there.

[audio:Old Rusty Tavern.mp3|titles=Old Rusty Tavern]
“Old Rusty Tavern” by Robby Overfield

Robby and I share a hometown in Michigan. He found his way to Durango, Colorado as he went looking for breathtaking mountain views and amazing desert canyons. The song “Lucky” illustrates the pleasure he gets from climbing the mountains and exploring the deserts. He describes it as finding all the “secrets of this untouched land”.

“Lucky” by Robby Overfield

To stream several more songs by Robby please click the audio player below.
[audio:This House.mp3, If I Don’t Make It Out The Trees.mp3, Hard to Find.mp3, She Ain’t Foolin’ Me (Live).mp3|titles=This House, If I Don’t Make It Out The Trees, Hard to Find (Live), She Ain’t Foolin’ Me (Live)|artists=Robby Overfield, Robby Overfield, Robby Overfield, Robby Overfield]
“This House” by Robby Overfield
“If I Don’t Make It Out The Trees” by Robby Overfield
“Hard to Find (Live)” by Robby Overfield
“She Ain’t Foolin’ Me (Live)” by Robby Overfield

Image and mp3s courtesy of Robby Overfield.

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“Dark Road” by Daniel Martin Moore

mySpoonful has offered up a track by folk-gospel artist Daniel Martin Moore. His Sub Pop debut of 2008 now has a follow-up entitled In the Cool of the Day. “The Dark Road will lead you to trouble, while the light road will lead you to rest.”

Image and mp3 courtesy of mySpoonful: a taste of new music

[audio:Dark Road.mp3|titles=Dark Road|artists=Daniel Martin Moore]
“Dark Road” by Daniel Martin Moore

“Invisible” by Clare and the Reasons

New Amsterdam Records will release Letters to Distant Cities in stores on Tuesday, March 29. The project is a collaboration of Shara Worden (My Brightest Diamond) and Clare Muldaur Manchon (of Clare and the Reasons).

It is a spoken-word album bookended by two original songs: My Brightest Diamond’s “The Sea” and Clare and the Reasons’ “Invisible.”

Invisible from Letters to Distant Cities from New Amsterdam Records on Vimeo.

“Direction of the Wind” by Ryan Bingham & the Dead Horses

Ryan Bingham & the Dead Horses released Junky Star as their third studio album on Lost Highway Records in August of 2010. The KEXP Video of the Week Podcast # 117 offers a video of Bingham performing this song. Have a listen to the audo of that performance below.

[audio:Direction of the Wind.mp3|titles=Direction of the Wind|artists=Ryan Bingham & the Dead Horses]
“Direction of the Wind” by Ryan Bingham & the Dead Horses

“Big Jet Plane” by Angus and Julia Stone

I posted this song a while back. However, I just came across the vimeo video courtesy of The Sessions: Bringing You Music That Moves. Now, we can see who contributes each sound. She plays the harmonica and he plays the tambo with his foot while some other dude’s only job seems to be the maraca. They’re cutting a raw video from a nice rooftop. I like it. And, I love the tune.

A Key Session with Angus and Julia Stone “Big Jet Plane” from The Sessions on Vimeo.

“Too Dramatic” by Ra Ra Riot

Ra Ra Riot has unveiled a music video for their single “Too Dramatic” from their second release The Orchard. The videop was directed by a friend, Andrew Huang.— Ra Ra Riot is currently touring in the US in support of their acclaimed sophomore effort.

“For Your Sake” by Courrier on Song-By-Song

Austin and Philip discuss the third song off of Courrier’s debut record, A Violent Flame.

Green River Ordinance (GRO) will be joining Courrier for their SX Hangover Show, the weekend after SXSW. If you are in the area, don’t miss it! It will be at The Prophet Bar in Dallas, TX on March 25th and at The Parish in Austin, TX on March 26th.