“Adele Medley” by Alex Goot, Michael Henry, and Justin Robinett

Three lads—Alex Goot, Michael Henry, and Justin Robinett—have recorded a collaboration of Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep”, “Turning Tables”, and “Someone Like You”. If you like what you hear, please go check out Alex Goot’s new Album The Songs I Wish I Wrote Vol. 2 and his YouTube Channel. Be sure to also subscribe to Justin + Michael’s channel to watch the video for the medley!

[audio:Adele Medley.mp3|titles=Adele Medley|artists=Alex Goot + Michael Henry + Justin Robinett]
“Adele Medley” by Alex Goot, Michael Henry, and Justin Robinett

Image and mp3 courtesy of alex|goot.

Songs I Wish I Wrote, Vol. 2 - Alex Goot
Songs I Wish I Wrote, Vol. 2 by Alex Goot

Two Matchsticks (Limited Pre-Release EP) by The Wooden Birds

The American Analog Set’s frontman Andrew Kenny has continued songwriting with the Wooden Birds. The group released their debut album Magnolia in 2009, and now they have returned with a sophomore effort.

The album is called Two Matchsticks and will be released by Barsuk Records on June 7. Label head and Death Cab for Cutie heartthrob Ben Gibbard makes an appearance on the record along with touring Wooden Birds members Matt Pond and Leslie Sisson. This EP is free from the band’s official site and it contains 2 unreleased non-album tracks.

Image and mp3s courtesy of The Wooden Birds.
[audio:Two Matchsticks.mp3, Ruby Don’t Take Your Love To Town.mp3, Maneater.mp3|titles=Two Matchsticks, Ruby Don’t Take Your Love To Town, Maneater|artists=The Wooden Birds]


“Two Matchsticks” by The Wooden Birds
“Ruby Don’t Take Your Love To Town” by The Wooden Birds
“Maneater” by The Wooden Birds

“Lose It” by AUSTRA

AUSTRA is Katie Stelmanis, Maya Postepski, and Dorian Wolf. They formed in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 2010. AUSTRA released the debut Feel It Break on May 17th on Domino Records. The album incorporates Katie’s influences, dark melodies, synthesizers, and astounding vocals. Download your free mp3 of “Lose It” from mySpoonful: a taste of new music.

Image courtesy of mySpoonful.

[audio:Lose It.mp3|titles=Lose It|artists=AUSTRA]
“Lose It” by AUSTRA

Please also have a listen to AUSTRA’s “Beat and the Pulse” from DominoRecordCo on soundcloud.

“My Time (MitchMix Remix)” by Thomas Mitchener

Seattle’s Minus the Bear will be touring with fellow Dangerbird bands Skysaw and The Constellations. To kick off the tour, Minus the Bear is offering the brand new six-song Hold Me Down EP as a free download through their website.

The EP contains live versions (from Dangerbird Studios) of “My Time”, “Hold Me Down”, and “Into the Mirror” from the latest full-length, OMNI. It also includes the original version of the bonus track “Broken China”. Furthermore, it contains a remix of “My Time”. The Minus the Bear “My Time” Remix Contest has ended and winners have been chosen! Congratulations to the following:

Thomas M from Hertfordshire, UK
Listen to remix

Sam C. from West Sussex, UK
Listen to remix

Haein L. from Orem, Utah
Listen to remix

Image courtesy of SoundForcast.

[audio:My Time (Live from Dangerbird Studios).mp3|titles=My Time (Live from Dangerbird Studios)|artists=Minus the Bear]
“My Time (Live from Dangerbird Studios)”

“You Are A Tourist” by Death Cab for Cutie

Ben Gibbard and the rest of the Seattle indie-rock outfit Death Cab for Cutie will release their seventh studio album next Tuesday, May 31, 2011.

Image courtesy of The Needle Drop. Have a listen to the single “You Are A Tourist” which was first released for streaming on March 28th.

[audio:You Are A Tourist.mp3|titles=You Are A Tourist|artists=Death Cab for Cutie]
“You Are A Tourist” by Death Cab for Cutie

Or, stream Codes and Keys in its entirity from NPR’s First Listen today!

Pre-order the album here.

“Roy G. Biv” by Chris Ayer

A facebook add recently told me that I should listen to Chris Ayer because he sounds a lot like Amos Lee. I don’t hear much of a comparison myself, as I would need a little more soul and emotion from Ayer to associate the two. If anything I’d say he sounds more like Jason Mraz, which is funny because I just realized that he covered Mraz’s little ditty “I’m Your” with John Callaway.

Nevertheless, I like what I am hearing from the singer-songwriter and solo guitar artist who graduated from Stanford in phylosophy and music.

Ayer has released two EPs and two full-length albums since 2003. His latest album, Don’t Go Back to Sleep, includes the song “Roy G Biv.” Please have a listen below to the live version from Tainted Blue Studios in New York City.

Chris Ayer – ROYGBIV – Live at Tainted Blue Studios MP3 Download

This song talks about “looking to belong”. He starts by describing his experience stepping into the world of a musician. He talks about doing his own ProTools producing and mailing albums like old school to the labels and magazines. He also talks about appealing to the hipsters and engaging the blogosphere.

But really I think he’s talking about everyone, ROYGBIV—all the colors of the world. We’re all on our way to somewhere and there’s no need for bullies in the lunch line cramping our style.

Image courtesy of Chris Ayer on MySpace.

“Wolves At The Door” by David Bazan

David Bazan’s new album Strange Negotiations will be released on May 24th, 2011 on Barsuk Records. Please have a listen to the first track, “Wolves At The Door.” A North American tour in support of the record will begin June 1st in Salt Lake City, UT, and continue through mid-July. Some dates will include shows with Rocky Votolato.

Image courtesy of Barsuk Records.

[audio:Wolves At The Door.mp3|titles=Wolves At The Door|artists=David Bazan]
“Wolves At The Door” by David Bazan

David Bazan
Artist Link

“Dig Down Deep” by Vandaveer

Vandaveer is a folk duo based in Washington, DC made up of tunesmith Mark Charles Heidinger and harmonizing vocalist Rose Guerin. As the follow up to 2009’s Divide and Conquer, they have released their third full-length record, entitled Dig Down Deep (April 26th) on the Supply and Demand music label. Below please find the official video for the title track.

Subscribe to the Vandaveer mailing list and receive a free download of “Everything Is Spinning” from the 2010 EP A Minor Spell.
[audio:Everything Is Spinning.mp3|titles=Everything Is Spinning|artists=Vandaveer]
Image courtesy of Live @ WKDU.

Dig Down Deep (Bonus Track Version) - Vandaveer
Get your download of the album today from iTunes!
More awesome photos courtesy of Direct Current.

Photo Credit: Sarah Law

Photo Credit: Andrew Reilly

The Watson Twins Night Covers EP

Showcasing their harmonizing capabilities, The Watson Twins released a cover EP last month titled Night Covers – EP. Three albums after breaking through as backup singers to Jenny Lewis, the sisters have developed an indie-folk reputation all their own.

Image courtesy of The Watson Twins.

[audio:You Showed Me.mp3, Angelene.mp3, Ain’t No Sunshine.mp3, Here Comes the Rain Again.mp3, Sweetest Taboo.mp3, Tighten Up.mp3|titles=You Showed Me, Angelene, Ain’t No Sunshine, Here Comes the Rain Again, Sweetest Taboo, Tighten Up|artists=The Watson Twins]

Tracklisting (with original artists):

1. “You Showed Me” by The Turtles
2. “Angelene” by P.J. Harvey
3. “Ain’t No Sunshine” by Bill Withers
4. “Here Comes the Rain Again” by Eurythmics
5. “Sweetest Taboo” by Sade
6. “Tighten Up” by The Black Keys

mp3s purchased on iTunes
Night Covers - EP - The Watson Twins
Night Covers – EP by The Watson Twins

“Rusted Wheel” by The Belle Brigade

The self-titled debut album of The Belle Brigage is now available on iTunes and Warner Brother Records. The band is made up of brother/sister duo Ethan and Barbara Gruska.

“While the band has drawn many comparisons to Fleetwood Mac and other pop-rock bands of the ‘70s, it’s the soft poetry of Simon & Garfunkel and the pop sensibility of The Beatles that seem to have had the biggest influence.” ~ Paste Magazine.

For a free live-in-studio download of “Rusted Whell” visit the Daytrotter Sessions.

[audio:Rusted Wheel.mp3|titles=Rusted Wheel|artists=The Belle Brigade]
“Rusted Wheel” by The Belle Brigade

Image and mp3 courtesy of the Daytrotter Sessions.