“I Don’t Dance” by City City

Electro/synth indie rockers, City City celebrate the release of their first official video “I Don’t Dance” off of their upcoming full length, self-titled album. The band previously released two EP’s, Lines and Adult People.

“I Don’t Dance” is a throwback to the movie culture generation of the 80’s and 90’s. City City was originally pioneered by Kyle Minichelli (guitar), Jeff Kirchner (guitar/synth/vocals) and Dan McCollister (lead vocals) in 2006. Later in 2011, they completed their line-up when they recruited Valerie Ngai (bass/synth) and Jarrett Portnoy (drums/vocals).

City City has toured throughout California, the midwest, and several other states, including Hawaii. You may visit the band’s website for a free download of “I Don’t Dance.”

[audio:I Don’t Dance.mp3|titles=I Don’t Dance|artists=City City]
“I Don’t Dance” by City City

City City

Image and mp3 courtesy of City City and promoted by Independent PR Manager, Tiffany Youhanna

“Midnight” by Ships Have Sailed

The finely-crafted pop tracks on Someday, the debut EP from LA-based band Ships Have Sailed, will be available on July 15.

The brainchild of singer-songwriter Will Carpenter, Ships Have Sailed was formed in early 2013 as an outlet for material that didn’t fit into Carpenter’s role as guitarist for hip-hop rockers 7Lions.

The resulting 6-song EP is a heady blend of current alt-rock, cathartic songwriting, and dreamy-pop. You may view the video for “Midnight” on YouTube. And, feel free to stream the track below, or visit the band’s Soundcloud profile.

[audio:01 Midnight.mp3|titles=Midnight|artists=Ships Have Sailed]
“Midnight” by Ships Have Sailed

Ships Have Sailed Someday

Image and mp3 courtesy of Jennifer Thorington & Samuel Markus of Working Brilliantly

“Love (Fill My Heart)” by Clara Barker

The new album from Manx singer-songwriter Clara Barker, Fine Art & The Breslins, is available now on Small Bear Records. You may also find it on Bandcamp. All purchases from Bandcamp also include four bonus tracks as a special thank you for buying direct from the artist.

The sophomore album from Barker features eleven songs of love and longing along with odes to sleep and Tennessee’s finest. It also features beautiful artwork by Oscar-nominated artist Juan ‘Fine Art’ Moore. Barker, and production partner in crime Phil Reynolds have created a collection of songs that are funny, gentle, brutal, clever and completely open-hearted.

A short video talking about the album can be seen on YouTube. And, more about Ms. Barker can be found here, including the video for “The Bees Song.”

[audio:Love (Fill My Heart).mp3|titles=Love (Fill My Heart)|artists=Clara Barker]
“Love (Fill My Heart)” by Clara Barker

Album Art (resized)

Image and mp3 courtesy of Phil Reynolds of Small Bear Records

“Shoes” by Samsel and the Skirt

Straight from the heart of Portlandia, Samsel and the Skirt is an alt-country band with sincere lyrics and energetic songs. The band is fronted by singers Cary and Kelsey Samsel. Cary’s blues backround is evident in his singing but well complimented by Kelsey’s smooth heart-wrenching vocals. The two sing tales of heart break, love and disconnect. Recently, the duo opened for folk, soul, blues, pop music duo Johnnyswim.

Have a listen to the track “Shoes” from their debut release Shoebox. Also, you may view their official video for “Those Days” via YouTube.

[audio:Shoes.mp3|titles=Shoes|artists=Samsel and the Skirt]
“Shoes” by Samsel and the Skirt

mp3 courtesy of NoiseTrade

Samsel and the Skirt

Image courtesy of Samsel and the Skirt’s official site

“Brand New Day” by Ray Tarantino

The new album, Good Things Will Happen (Tiny Drum Records) from Ray Tarantino, is a tribute to the American dream: the story of a guy who walked a road of trial, carrying nothing but a good dose of courage.

His father was a Sicilian diamond dealer; his mother a Tuscan countess. Born in the north of Italy and raised in the UK, Tarantino brings an international sensuality to Americana music.

The start of Tarantino’s music career was as dramatic as his lyrics. After a high-speed traumatic car crash nearly ended his existence, he threw in the towel on his life as a money-making corporate drone and traded a pencil-pushing nine-to-five for a guitar and a ’97 Econo-line van with a queen-size bed in the back. This is the kind of hope-filled journey Hollywood makes movies about.

[audio:Brand New Day.mp3|titles=Brand New Day|artists=Ray Tarantino]
“Brand New Day” by Ray Tarantino

mp3s courtesy of Alex Steininger at In Music We Trust PR

Marfa TX

Summer touring across the desert (Marfa, TX)

Image courtesy of Tarantino’s official site