“Box” by Daniel Sobrino

Originating from Mexico City, Daniel Sobrino, moved to Los Angeles at the age of 16. In LA, Sobrino’s love of music blossomed into a burning passion and became his primary objective.

He picked up the piano and discovered its versatility within different genres. His goal is to make his art a true and honest reflection of his own personality. With that goal in mind, Sobrino recently recorded his newest EP, Born Again. The track “Box” has been released as a single. Please have a listen below.

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“Box” by Daniel Sobrino

Daniel Sobrino

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“Girls Just Want to Have Fun” by STRFKR

The popular Portland group formerly known as Starfucker went back to the studio to add some fresh touches to their 2009 mini-LP, Jupiter. The result is a complete re-imagining of the original — as all eight songs received brand new mixes, three more tracks were added, and the entire record was re-mastered.

Jupiter features the songs “Girls Just Want to Have Fun,” “Biggie Smalls” and a remix of “Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second” – the original version was featured in ad spots for Target and helped break the band.

[audio:Girls Just Want to Have Fun.mp3|titles=Girls Just Want to Have Fun|artists=STRFKR]
“Girls Just Want to Have Fun” by STRFKR


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“Lipstick on the Glass” by Alexa Ferr

The up and coming “rugged pop” artist, Alexa Ferr, attended Saint Elizabeth CHS for the Performing Arts, which led her to recording her first demo album. Soon after, she released her single “Fell” which featured Demi Lovato.

Ferr recently recorded with songwriting and production duo, The Invaders. Collectively they have worked in the studio over the late summer of 2012 and early 2013, recording, writing and producing songs. Ferr is preparing to release her first EP entitled Lipstick on the Glass.

[audio:Lipstick on the Glass.mp3|titles=Lipstick on the Glass|artists=Alexa Ferr]
“Lipstick on the Glass” by Alexa Ferr

Lipstick On The Glass EP

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“Into The Circle” by Kaylee Rutland (feat. Jamie O’Neil and Colt Ford)

18-year-old Kaylee Rutland is a contemporary country music singer-songwriter and native Texan. She has a young, soulful sound and a sweet, angelic disposition.

Rutland recorded her first EP in Nashville in September, 2012. In February of 2013, she returned to Nashville where she co-wrote three songs with Jamie O’Neal and was priviledged to record her original “Into the Circle” with both Jamie O’Neal and Colt Ford. Rutland moved to Nashville in August 2013 to attend college and continue writing, recording and performing.

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“Into The Circle” by Kaylee Rutland (feat. Jamie O’Neil and Colt Ford)

Kaylee Rutland

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“Fire In The Sky” by Jay Brown

Roots-orientated, songwriter, Jay Brown, has been playing guitar since the age of seven and writing songs since high school. Brown’s repertoire contains more than 50 original songs, as well as various covers from a wide spectrum of genres.

Brown is also a founding member of the old time, swing band Lazybirds — a band that blends a wide variety of musical styles, including jazz and blues. He has spent years traveling and playing around the U.S. with artists such as Doc Watson, Old Crow Medicine Show, and Etta Baker. In addition, he has studied, taught and performed in West Africa. A versatile musician, Brown is as much at home playing the blues in New Orleans as he is playing jazz or classical in New York City.

Below please have a listen to the track “Fire In The Sky” from Brown’s latest album titled Soul to Soul. The album is dedicated to “two great souls” — Carmela Costello and Jack Gardner.

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“Fire In The Sky” by Jay Brown

Jay Brown Photo

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“Sold Out” by Jake Sims

UK singer-songwriter, Jake Sims, first caught the attention of the public eye in 2007 when he was awarded “Best Male Vocalist” by BBC Gloucestershire. In 2009, after winning the prestigious “Best Male Vocalist” again — this time in the C.Y.S Voice Of Wales — he was invited to headline at St. David’s Hall.

Sims is currently writing his long-awaited solo album, confronting the loss of his father and his journey through his late teens. He is also currently attracting serious label interest, both in the UK and abroad.

[audio:Sold Out.mp3|titles=Sold Out|artists=Jake Sims]
“Sold Out” by Jake Sims

Jake Sims

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“Stand Up” by Breanna Lynn

A gifted singer and guitar virtuoso, Breanna Lynn, picked up her first guitar at the age of 9 and began writing her autobiography in songs by the time she was 12 years old. Her vocal gifts were matched by her joy of being on stage, which led to opportunities ranging from leads in theatrical performances to being lead vocalist for her school’s worship band.

Influenced by the legendary Stevie Nicks and inspired by soulful, vocal-driven artists such as Adele and Ellie Goulding, Lynn’s music showcases her incredible guitar talent and vocal strengths. In 2011, Lynn’s musical talents landed her a coveted sponsorship from Taylor Guitars and the opportunity to record her first full-length album with iconic producers from Nashville and LA. This impressive album explored Lynn’s country-crossover talents. Continuing to write and explore her gifts, Lynn is now projecting a more indie-pop feel. Have a listen to her new single “Stand Up” below.

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“Stand Up” by Breanna Lynn

Breanna Lynn

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