"You Can’t Count On Me" by Counting Crows

The Counting Crows are back on the map with their new March 25th release, Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings. Saturday night represents loneliness. Loneliness that accompanies a night of enjoyment and companionship. Accordingly, Sunday morning is the hung-over regret and realization.

One thought on “"You Can’t Count On Me" by Counting Crows

  • Hi Jennifer,

    Sorry it has taken me so long to post I have been swamped this week. I have always had a soft spot for Counting Crows. Their first two albums are really great and take me back to the heady days of high school. I sort of lost track of them once I left high school but have read good things about their latest album. The only thing I wonder is if Adam Duritz will ever grow out of his melancholy? I mean the guy is wealthy and successful has his health and the adoration of fans… I know I read he suffered from bi-polar or manic depressive disorder, seems a lot of folks these days are in that crowd. The good thing about melancholy is that melancholy is still able to articulate feelings of beauty and awe. I think it is one of the few negative feelings whose axis cuts both ways. Anyhow, great page and keep up the good work.


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