“Rise” by Azure Ray

Winter Passing is an indie drama film directed by Adam Rapp. Rent star, Anthony Rapp, provides a cameo in his brother’s directorial debut. I struggled internally with the option to include or not include the former piece of information because I am aware of my small obsession with the rock opera, Rent. I don’t know how many times this blog has mentioned said production. I just know there have been several occasions. Therefore, I apologize for my lack of resistance in mentioning the association this movie has to Rent.

Winter Passing stars Zooey Deschanel, better known to me as the other half of the folk duo She and Him, in the principal role of Reese Holden. Reese has been approached by a publisher and offered money contingent on her decision to hand over her deceased mother’s love letters to her father. The daughter of two work alcoholic scholars, Reese has become an actress, reflecting her want for attention. However, she is still displeased with life. She pays a visit to her father in Michigan on the assignment to collect the letters in order to receive her payment. Predictably, the awkward and angry confrontations between her and her father transition to rekindling apologies and all is well in the end.

As a proud original Michigander I have to include the following Wikipedia trivia fact. Winter Passing is the only film to date known to speak of Traverse City, Michigan and was included in the 2006 Traverse City Film Festival for this reason.

A band called Azure Ray contributed a song to the soundtrack titled “Rise.” I made a mental note to Google the song while watching the movie. I loved its’ dreamy and reposed sound, similar to that of another band I enjoy named Beach House. This song comes from the self-titled debut from 2001. Two other albums followed but they have not released anything since 2003.

“Rise” by Azure Ray

Azure Ray - Azure Ray - Rise

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