Trace Bundy at Taft Street Art Center

I saw the most amazing guitar player this evening! Trace Bundy a phenomenal finger tapper.

He played a medley of song snippets which included “La Bomba,” “Pretty Woman,” “Here Comes the Sun,” “Sweet Caroline,” “Stayin’ Alive,” “YMCA,” “Celebration,” “Jack and Diane,” “Summer of 69,” and “Everybody Dance Now.” He then played a song he likes to call “Stairway to Sunday”—a combination of Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven” and U2’s “Sunday Bloody Sunday.”

He also played “One” by Metallica on his iphone using the pocket guitar and violin applications.

The song below is called “Love Song” and was recorded at Taft Street Art Center in 2006.

One of my favorites of the night was “Canon”—his take on “Canon in D.” He told a story of how he found a young kid who had learned how to play his songs and was posting his versions on YouTube. So, Trace sought after this young talent named Sungha Jung and now they tour together often.

The last song was called “Retroverse.” Trace believes that any good song should sound just as good backwards. So, joking that songs backwards are not copy written, he played an entire song note for note bottom to top. When he was finished playing it, he reversed his loop and the melody to The Phantom of the Opera filled the room.

His latest album is called Missile Bell and it consists of a DVD filmed live at the Boulder Theater in November, 2007, and a studio CD.

Trace Bundy - Adapt (CD/DVD Combo) - Canon
“Canon” by Trace Bundy