“Roy G. Biv” by Chris Ayer

A facebook add recently told me that I should listen to Chris Ayer because he sounds a lot like Amos Lee. I don’t hear much of a comparison myself, as I would need a little more soul and emotion from Ayer to associate the two. If anything I’d say he sounds more like Jason Mraz, which is funny because I just realized that he covered Mraz’s little ditty “I’m Your” with John Callaway.

Nevertheless, I like what I am hearing from the singer-songwriter and solo guitar artist who graduated from Stanford in phylosophy and music.

Ayer has released two EPs and two full-length albums since 2003. His latest album, Don’t Go Back to Sleep, includes the song “Roy G Biv.” Please have a listen below to the live version from Tainted Blue Studios in New York City.

Chris Ayer – ROYGBIV – Live at Tainted Blue Studios MP3 Download

This song talks about “looking to belong”. He starts by describing his experience stepping into the world of a musician. He talks about doing his own ProTools producing and mailing albums like old school to the labels and magazines. He also talks about appealing to the hipsters and engaging the blogosphere.

But really I think he’s talking about everyone, ROYGBIV—all the colors of the world. We’re all on our way to somewhere and there’s no need for bullies in the lunch line cramping our style.

Image courtesy of Chris Ayer on MySpace.

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