“Do I Make It Look Easy” by Sara Jackson-Holman

Portland, Oregon-based pianist/singer-songwriter, Sara Jackson-Holman, has released her sophomore full-length album, Cardiology, on Expunged Records.

Cardiology expresses a very personal journey – centered around themes of love and loss and Jackson-Holman’s experiences with each. Some songs, like “Do I Make It Look Easy” and “For Albert” are about realizing and accepting that you can’t change people. She also wrote songs to sort through what it means to lose someone you love.

Featuring contributions by Skyler Norwood (Point Juncture, WA) on drums and bass, Jack Norwood on bass, Jessie Dettwiler (Alameda) on cello, and Basho Parks (Jenn Rawling & Basho Parks) on violin, Jackson-Holman’s songs are fleshed out by a cast of strong supporters.

[audio:Do I Make It Look Easy.mp3|titles=Do I Make It Look Easy|artists=Sara Jackson-Holman]
“Do I Make It Look Easy” by Sara Jackson-Holman

Image and mp3 courtesy of Alex Steininger at In Music We Trust PR